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Flowers, Flowers

I love to read Kristin Nicholas’ blog, Getting Stitched on the Farm. In recent weeks, I have not been able to read many blogs at all. In fact, I was 11 entries behind on my first-choice read: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Yarn Harlot, which she updates regularly. I have been nose to the grindstone on several projects. All good, but it has kept me from leisure activities for a while.

So when I finally got back to Kristin’s blog, she had several postings about her sunflowers. It makes me almost want more land. Not enough to buy it and tend it and live away from city conveniences, but enough to want more gharvestgatheringflowers.jpgardening. That’s saying something, as often I am a reluctant gardener.

Kristin is modest, but when she showed a photo of her huge bouquet arranged in a sap bucket at the fair, I could not help but notice a ribbon hanging from one of the flowers. I’m thinking she won an award? She doesn’t say a thing.

I had not thought about that bucket shape before, but once she called it a sap bucket, I imagined it was probably for maple sap collection. I used Google’s image search feature to confirm that idea, and it appears I am on track.

So then this last weekend when we headed up north one last time for the final music festival of the year, I noticed an area where thlindsayfeltflowerpitcher.jpgey were storing many, many sap buckets. I wonder how many times I’ve seen them and not realized what it was I was seeing?

Then in front of the Cedar Stage while Jen Sygit was playing, I noticed this arrangement (shown above) just on the ground by the bass player’s feet. In a sap bucket! (I think in my small yard the only thing I grow enough of to fill one of these, is daylilies.)

It’s a little stretch to put these two photos in one blog entry, but I will try. I took this second photo at Yarn Garden in Charlotte. Lindsay decorated the pitcher at one of those party/ceramic shops, and she knit the flowers and felted them. She says they are influenced by several patterns but do not exactly follow any one pattern. Nice job!

2 Responses to “Flowers, Flowers”

  1. Deborah Robson Says:

    Sunflowers are happy to grow in lots of different places. You don’t need much space or attention for them.

    Just for fun, check your library for a book called Sunflower Houses. I think it would tickle your fancy. Not to necessary DO the things in it, but to know about.

  2. A. Says:

    COOL, COOL, COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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