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Autumn Colors, “Up North” Lower Michigan


We went to Lake City, Michigan this last weekend for a music gathering. On the way up, there were pockets of trees where the color was changing. I took a zillion photos out of the car window. These turned out the best of the bunch.

I do live in a beautiful state, whether the view includes colorful leaves or the expected green. I think that looking at photos like this could be theraputic… maybe even lower blood pressure or something profound like that. Lovely, don’t you agree?


2 Responses to “Autumn Colors, “Up North” Lower Michigan”

  1. Snowbird Says:

    I agree totally! I miss the Fall of the year in Michigan so much. The smells and colors are not the same in the deep deep South next to the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. momtroll Says:

    All those wonderful colors to come. That is a great reason for living in Michigan. My shade master locust is almost finished dropping its yellow leaves.

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