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Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild

Well, I had another jam-packed day. I got to see my friend Diane, who I somehow hadn’t seen since spring. Then I worked for a computer/Access database client for a few hours, had dinner at Altu’s restaurant, and then went to Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild.

My one big disappointment with this guild is that it is so successful that there are too many people to greet and speak with, and I always miss talking with someone I wanted to connect with. Last time I missed seeing Daphne‘s Charlotte’s Web shawl she made from Koigu yarn, and this time I did talk to her but she had not brought it along. She said she’d bring it in December. Let’s cross fingers that I’ll be able to make it that night.

I did a little trading tonight. Sarah Peasley brought me back some yarn for my “maximum legwarmers” out of Sally Melville’s knit stitch book, from Threadbear. So she gave me that package. I gave Sharon P. some knitting needles. She and I share some kids between our kids’ knitting projects and I had a few pair that could really help her out. She said one of my kids ran to her Monday (after learning from me how to knit on Saturday) and asked her if she knew “Ms. Lynn.” Of course, Sharon doesn’t know me as Ms. Lynn, so it took a minute for her to figure it out, but she finally remembered me writing about teaching one of her kids in my blog. This blog has so many purposes!

I have many thank-yous to express to guild members for donating more fun stuff for my kids. For a long time I had way too much yarn to fit in my room but now we’re using enough of it for me to almost fit in my corner. In any case, bright colors will move out of my room at lightning speed and I thank the several folks who donated again. (I do still need canvas bags, even with advertising on them, for kids to carry their knitting without losing knitting needles on the sidewalk on the way home… but yarn and needles are mostly in good supply right now.)

Oh, and the best thing tonight was that I won the door prize. I got a copy of Marcia Lewandowski’s book, “Folk Mittens.” It is just wonderful! I had not purchased it before, mostly because I don’t wear mittens much and I already had the wonderful mitten book from Anna Zilboorg. However, this book has great history and background, and many inspiring patterns. I could use some of the colorwork patterns on socks as well as mittens. I am of Norwegian descent, and so I really am excited with how many of the pieces were inspired by Norwegian knitting.

If I could pick one pair, it would be the Norwegian mitten with “lice” patterns and a fancy cuff with 8-pointed stars (lice are tiny single stitches that look like dots, sparsely and evenly distributed over the surface of the fabric). Maybe I’ll do a pair of sox inspired by these someday. Not for a while, though, I think I will be pretty jam-packed busy through the beginning of the new year. I’m not complaining but it does change how I live. I am not reading as many emails from my knitting lists, and not as many blogs either, these days.

And with that note, I definitely want to get some sleep. I need to be somewhere at 8:45am, a time when I am normally sleeping. See you tomorrow.

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