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“What else can I do?” (A Contest!)

One More Try, One More Time

My friend Deb Robson/The Independent Stitch has had computer problems for weeks and weeks. Her tech support has been able to confirm that there is a problem but no help fixing it.

One day as she posted about this situation, she talked about how she has been working around the issues in what seems to be a corrupt filesapbucketsunshinebouquet.jpg (this is a complete book, a very complex document). In essence, when something does not work she asks herself what else she can do that she has not tried yet.

I am working on a much smaller book project, four small children’s learn-to-read books for my mother. I had the disadvantage of having to learn how to use the document layout program at the same time as creating the first book. Mom and I had to learn to speak the same language in order to make sure I was producing what she envisioned.

Now I have a book that prints perfectly from my production printer in my home. I “only” have to upload the document to a high-speed printing house and then she can have one proof copy printed to see if it translated properly. I can’t upload. It is complaining about something I did wrong.

I go look at the “how to do this right” pages that they provide, and do it exactly as they say, and it does not work the way they say it will. I have been going around on this for far too long, and Googling when the site in question could not give me any more hints.

Today I broke through. I did not get it exactly as they want it, but I did get a different result after dozens of tries that previously got the same result.

So I’m learning to use Deb’s “What else can I do?” method. I feel like I am crawling but I guess I am not sitting still.

The Autumn Blues: a Cure?

In other news, it is fully autumn in Michigan. I am totally a summer girl, I thrive when I can open doors and windows in my car and home. I do not move as fast when it is over 90F, but I enjoy the slower pace and stay in the shade, while drinking in the sunshine and the green landscape.

I actually get a bit of an adrenaline rush when I see the temperature has reached 84F (29C) or more. Love it! My health thrives on warmth and sunshine.

This summer, if you ask me, was perfect. I have been well since March and had a ton of energy. I rode my bike and got a lot of work done. After a bad year last year, where I was even tired during summer (too tired to ride the bike even once), I am letting go of this year’s summer with reluctance.

Yesterday it was cold and rainy and gray. I was so down in the blues that I could have kicked a dog if I had one. I was not just blue, I was angry like a toddler who can’t have another piece of candy.

It might be better if I did not get sick outdoors in the fall. Hay and wet leaves are horrible for my allergies, they really drain my energy. A sunny day on a porch will work, when the sun decides to shine. But I have really enjoyed walking and bicycling and porch-sitting this summer, and here comes 9 months of waiting for that joy again.

Now, I am generally an optimist and I tend to be in a good mood much of the time. When I complain it does not last long (unless the subject is cold weather), and I go on to other things. I don’t LIKE myself when I’m a grumpy grrl.

A Contest!

So now I need you to help me. The one thing I do to turn it around, is to play Kitty Donohoe’s song “Autumn seasidetiny.jpgDance” on repeat, until I have the words memorized again for the season. It also helps to get out my favorite alpaca sweater which is far too big but extra-warm. Sort of a “boyfriend sweater” except I got it from a resale shop rather than from Brian.

But I’m going to start a contest. I don’t know what the prize(s) will be, but I will dive into my stash for knitting prizes that are lovely, and if you are not a knitter I will send you a Fabulous Heftones CD. OK? I will give at least two prizes, one for the submission that helps me the most and one picked at random.

Here is all it takes to be entered into my contest:

Comment (make sure you enter your proper email address so I can reply to you), with one more thing I can do to turn my end-of-summer blues around.

Oh… (added later)… The contest closes at midnight Eastern Time on Monday. I will pick winners Tuesday, October 7 and announce them here on my blog.

That’s all. Will you help me? Thanks.

Photo: 1) Sap bucket bouquet at Harvest Gathering, during the daytime. I showed it at night during Jen Sygit’s concert, here. Notice the peacock feather! 2) Autumn leaf from previous year. 3) Yarn I dyed in Seaside colorway, to represent yarn that might be a prize, though I don’t have any of this colorway right now.

12 Responses to ““What else can I do?” (A Contest!)”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    If you don’t have true light (sunshine) bulbs in all your light fixtures, switch to them. You might also investigate one of the light boxes people with SAD use. Wear clothes in bright colors on rainy/gloomy days — much as I used to wear red to the office on rainy days when I worked. Listen to upbeat music. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier so you’re up and about during every minute of the limited sunshine available.

  2. Rachel Says:

    maybe you make a list of all the things you enjoy about the season. I could make a list of just foods that I get to eat.
    1. butternut squash puree with maple syrup
    2. roasted cauliflower
    3. roasted brocolli
    3. roasted potatoes
    3. slow roasted tomato soup (ok I haven’t tried this one but it sounds like a good way to use the end of season tomatoes)
    4. apple crisp
    are a few (most need the oven on for long times or very high temps which I find prohibitive in the summer)
    non food things
    1. getting out sweaters and handmade socks (I live in sandels in the summer)
    2. getting out wool blankets to snuggle under
    3. Trying new kinds of hot tea
    4. watching the leaves change color
    5. noticing how the light seems more concentrated with the shorter days.
    6. fall cleaning (instead of spring cleaning in the fall I try to remove things from the house so it will feel more spacious in the winter.)
    7. wearing my favorite boots and slippers
    8. having more excuses to cuddle with husband and children
    9. able to burn candles again because the windows are closed

  3. Deborah Robson Says:

    Crawling is still movement! Congratulations on keeping at it, Lynn.

    Me, I’m paging through the file, discovering more things that have gone weirdly wrong and fixing them. Again. Hoping the fixes will stick.

    I love the leaf.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Debbie Says:

    The two things that I do when I am down:

    Comfort food, whatever that is for you and I listen to disco

    and I know it sounds really lame, but think about it. Everybody is happy and upbeat, dancing, etc. there are no sad songs and I just get into the rhythm. I cannot stay down because of it.

  5. Riin Says:

    Watch old Rocky & Bullwinkle or Pinky & the Brain cartoons on DVD while spinning. (I love Netflix.)

  6. Valerie Says:

    Maybe you shoud emigrate to Bundaberg it is coming into summer now and we have 9 months of it. This winter we had two weeks of cold weather.
    But as that is probably not possible surround yourself with your own sunshine, make or buy a sunshine yellow shawl and wrap it around yourself, a bolw of yellow flowers on the table, a painting of a summer theme and whistle a happy tune.
    Good luck.

  7. Diana Troldahl Says:

    First, let yourself mourn the summer’s leaving. It is entirely appropriate to miss what you loved about it.
    Next, fill the space that Summer leaves with things enjoyed best in cooler weather, and better yet if they help bring the memory of Summer with you into Autumn and Winter, to help you make it through to Spring with your contentment in place. Treat yourself with kindness. This is a hard time for you, and that’s ok! No need to gut things out, do whatever helps you keep going until the skies brighten again.
    Some ideas:

    A warm cup of tea in a mug covered in sunflowers.

    Splurge on summer berries on a cold dark day.

    Have your breakfast oatmeal in the brightest yellow bowl you can find, and put some of those summer berries in a smiley face in the middle.

    Cuddle with Brian at the drop of a hat. A good cuddle can do wonders for a grumpy mood.

    Do what you already do, and dress yourself on the outside to reflect your inner spirit. Let your bright colors and beautiful smile help cheer someone else’s day. I am sure you aren’t the only one in Lansing dreading the winter :-}


  8. Chelle Says:

    These are all excellent suggestions (above). I think you might like to have a summer picnic INSIDE the house, maybe the living room. Set up a big beach towel, a beach lounge chair, find a good juicy beach book, and a CD with a crashing surf maybe?

  9. kristi and otis Says:

    Guided imagery exercises that utilize all senses – smells, touch, sights, sounds, tastes of summer! I also find music to be a good source.

  10. A. Says:

    think of allthe fests to go to!!

  11. Joe Smith Says:

    This was cool.

  12. Joe Smith Says:

    This is cool.

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