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Preparing for Friends

Well, as you know, my philosophy is that there are many forms of art. One way of being artful is to create a space within which people you love can connect and enjoy one another. Tomorrow we are having a party. We have invited many creative people, friends and family, to come together in our small, colorful home… to make music and let friendships grow.

Brian and I are cleaning and preparing for the party together today. The stuff we are doing now is not the glamorous part. But if our home is as tidy as possible, this will make friends more comfortable. On a basic level, if people can tell they are welcome to sit on this or that chair, they will feel comfortable being here.

I’m a very messy person from day to day. I’m very visual, and I can forget something if it is not on my computer or within eyesight. That means I tend to leave things out on any surface that will attract my view. Leaving things out works for me on a work week at home alone. However, it will not make my friends comfortable. So I am doing a tidying up which is good for not only my friends, but Brian and I as well.

I’m dusty and a little tired from climbing stairs up and down all day, and I’m definitely not done yet. But I can see that if people walked in right now, the space would be inviting and we would have a good chance at the art of community.

It has been warm and sunny here today, in the lower 50’s. I had the door open for a little while to get fresh air and it was wonderful. It may drizzle tomorrow, but if it does not, folks may choose to enjoy our wonderful porch for playing music. I’m really crossing my fingers on that one. OK, it’s November in Michigan, but I can hope.

The photo here is a jam session at an artful party this March. Cynthia and Doug threw a birthday party for Bonnie. It was crowded and the house was full of music… and a young dance troupe even performed two numbers right in the entryway! I hope for the same sort of good times at our home tomorrow.

Back to the broom and washing machine!

One Response to “Preparing for Friends”

  1. James Says:

    Lynn, just had to say have a wonderful party. Sounds like fun. But had to comment on your collecting. I think collectors are the reason why we have some of the great stuff around that would otherwise be thrown away for lack of a better word. I’ve got a friend who collects cornucopias and bread warmers. It sounds weird but he has them all over in his kitchen. It’s very interesting and the variety, who knew. I got a thing for sewing machines and had a couple too many (those old iron ones) and had to get rid of a few. It was just fun to tinker with them and get them working. I got one that I use quite a bit. Any way, happy thanks giving!