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Mt. Hope Cemetery in Autumn

cemetery132sm.jpgCan I possibly be caught up on my photos? I think I am. How refreshing!

Saturday I took a half hour out of my day and detoured through the Mt. Hope Cemetery. I think this is my favorite place in Lansing in the autumn.

It is just across Aurelius Road from the Fenner Arboretum which I also like… but I think I like Fenner better in the spring (I like the noisy frogs in the stream) and Mt. Hope better in the autumn. I don’t know why, but since when do preferences need to make sense?

Lansing is a city which is pretty much flat. We have little inclines here and there, butcemetery124sm.jpg unless you are from the plains of Southeastern Minnesota where my parents were raised, this town looks dead flat.

But for some reason, there are a few areas in the Lansing area that are hilly and also are cemeteries. Maybe they chose hilly spots that were not good farmland back in the day, who knows? But I swear the hills stop the minute you get out of the cemetery grounds.

And yet there is one drop that is several stories high between the edge of the cemetery and the golf course next door. Just in the last few weeks, they have opened up an extension of the River Trail at the bottom of that drop, between the two municipal properties (golf course and cemetery). I got a good photo of some bicyclists down there to show the distance.


I love the hills, the trees, the old headstones (many go back to the 1800s), the green grass, the quiet. I was raised with my back yard touching a cemetery, so this feels comfortable and right at home to me. I realize this is not true for everyone.

My poor late Grandma Ruthie had to get out of our house before dark for years, bless her. For her, cemeteries were more like chatterboxes than quiet places. But to me? Just right.


My friend Kristi and I used to meet here with her baby twins and go for long walks. She would push two kids in a stroller up and down those hills, and I was huffing and puffing just me, solo. The place is huge, so taking the outside path around the perimeter can take a good long while while you are chatting with a friend. Life changes and lately we meet in other ways, but those were good times.


I’m putting a few photos here, and a few thumbnails. You can see a collection as a Flickr slideshow if you click right here! It is only 7 photos over there, but the ones at Flickr are large enough to get true detail, if you are so inclined.

cemetery87sm.jpg cemetery105sm.jpg cemetery103sm.jpg cemetery130sm.jpg

One Response to “Mt. Hope Cemetery in Autumn”

  1. kristi and otis Says:

    ah thank for the virtual tour, also my favorite place in Lansing. I miss my early monring jogs with Otis there and our stroller walks…sigh…hopefully next year!

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