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A Birthday Concert


Friend Sam Herman had his 21st birthday in style last Thursday. He gave a concert for himself, in so many words. He knows a lot of folks in overlapping creative communities. I see Sam a few times a week these days. This party/concert was crowded, and many of my most prized friends were there.


It started as a solo banjo concert. Then Sam played a few numbers on a ukulele. Then friends joined him.

lynnwithannasm.jpgHe did duo numbers with Carrie Potter, Doug Berch (see photo above), Brian Bishop and Hanno Meingast.

Whew! Serious talent. And then? Well, there was a short break for birthday cake followed by ensemble numbers. There was a group of old time fiddle/contra dance musicians.

There was a lot of knitting going on, as well. Everyone in Sam’s family knits at least a bit, and then many of us in the crowd also knit. Young, old, male, female… all knitting. Yeah!

And the rae12.jpgfinale? Eight musicians, seven banjos of different sorts, and a bodhran drum (basically a banjo without a neck and strings). There was a ukulele banjo, a guitar banjo, a mandolin banjo, a Heftone Bass banjo, and three five-stringed banjos if I accounted properly. And the bodhran. It was much fun. We played Oh, Susanna! Yup, a lot of fun.

The finale photo here was taken by A., my young knitter who happens to be related to Sam. In Lansing, every creative person is connected in multiple threads to every other creative person. Or so it seems.

As my Brian would say: “Banjo Mayhem!”


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