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Cold Snap

Tuesday night it got below freezing here, in Lansing, Michigan, USA. I brought in the smallest tomato plant and covered the other two. I hotchocolate.jpgthink they are shocked enough to stop growing anyway, and I will have to give up on the smaller fruits. There are some that are large enough they will probably ripen on a south windowsill, and I will give that a try.

I don’t like cold weather. I’m a summer girl through and through. Actually, it’s not summer as much as heat that I crave, because spring and autumn are equally beautiful (though full of allergy problems for me). I like how they look, but not how they feel. I’m not warm until it hits 80F, and am happiest at 84 or 85 (that would be 26 – 29C for those outside the US).

But I try to find joys in the simple things. Life is full of small things; big stuff is a rarity. So the quality of anyone’s life, if you ask me, is paying attention and really appreciating the small stuff.

If you have read this blog a while, you know I have food allergies. For some reason, they are sort of a moving target, they change over the years.

I could not have dairy products for 5 years. Then last March I got re-tested and I could take dairy again, as long as it’s not aged/fermented like yogurt or cheese. Milk is fine, and so is whipped cream if I whip it myself (the canned “real” stuff is full of additives that I don’t tolerate well).

This means that I have been able to eat certain ice creams (Stonyfield Farms, no egg or xanthan gum) this year, which was really a joy for me. And now that it is getting cold? Hot chocolate. I got some powdered cocoa mix from Green and Black’s Organic chocolate company, at the local health food store. It cost just short of $6 for one can, which looks like it will give me 7 or 8 mugs of hot chocolate. I’ve already had five in the last week.

And I bought myself some organic heavy whipping cream. I put some in a tall jar and whipped it with my little stick blender with the whipping attachment. It was really easy… whip cream, add sugar, whip a little more. I remembered it being more difficult as a child. Very cool!

So here it is in its glory. Made by me, for me, as comfort. It worked.

One Response to “Cold Snap”

  1. Diana Troldahl Says:

    That sounds wonderful!
    And you can cook the green tomatoes, just treat them as you would green peppers. (dice and cook until tender) They taste a bit like tomatillos.

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