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Hug the Kid

I got a phone message from friend April. She says that her beloved toddler Isabel, age 4, found the wristwarmers I knit for her last year, and she was “…so excited about them that she is going to sleep with them tonight.”


(Photo is Isabel wearing the original prototype “Chippy Socks” which became a pattern after the kid inspired me… actually, wearing one sock from one set and one sock from the other, in order to get even more colors on her feet at the same time.)

One Response to “Hug the Kid”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Aw, that is SO CUTE…both the sleeping with the wristwarmers and the mix-n-match sox picture! Little kids say & do the cutest things. Today I was folding the laundry & my 4 year old son came up & asked, “Mommy, are those my Moster shirts that you folded?” Me, “Yes.” Duncan, as he picks them up & inhales deeply, “Oh, they smell so nice! Thank you, Mommy. I love them nice and clean.” Then he gives me a big hug! It was a commercial…only he’s never seen any hokey commercials like that, so it was just…Duncan! :o)

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