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A Great Day for Kids and Dogs

The kids across the street were contemplating a snowman today. The snow sticks well but it is not really deep. It’s just above freezing, and this morning the snow came down so quickly you could barely see.

When I came home, the main streets were fine and so was the one in front of our house. However, the side street that our driveway faces, is only 2 blocks long and does not get any traffic or attention. I slid right past the driveway and had to back up to get in properly! Whoops.

It’s not a good day for postal mail carriers (in my area they walk from house to house) or bicycle commuters. The kids maybe make up for that a bit. They are so pleased!


2 Responses to “A Great Day for Kids and Dogs”

  1. lynne s of oz Says:

    Oh, snow! I guess you’ll be making friends with your heater again/? ;-)
    We’ve had a very grey day here in the Bay area and there is the possibility of rain! Well showers at least…

  2. Mom Says:

    One of the joys of teaching first grade was the first snowfall. Of course the kids noticed it. I would take a break with the kids so that we could go to the windows and see our first snowfall. In one of the first days of snow, I would get out the blue paper and they could make snow pictures with white chalk and crayons on the blue paper. I also taught them how to make six sided snowflakes. We thought we were special that we could do that.

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