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Improving with Time (& a Contest)

burgerkinglynn.jpgOh, happy, happy day! Today is my 50th birthday. It is also my 6th Blogiversary. I am going to celebrate and celebrate, by connecting with as many people I love as possible.

Past and Present, a Chuckle

For your entertainment, here is a photo taken within a few weeks of the day I turned 18, perhaps even on my birthday. (It was 1976, do you remember the jingle “Hold the Pickle, Hold the Lettuce… at Burger King?)

Below I then offer you a photo taken of me at my early birthday party a few weeks ago. The same house, the same arms out to the sides. Spooky!


I am of the opinion that I’m getting better with time. I am definitely happier and I wear a few sizes smaller in clothing, somehow. My mom looked 30 for what seemed like forever, and I am thinking I lucked out and got a bit of that genetic luck from her.

Yes, I have some arthritis and a pile of allergies, bodies do not get younger even when we look great. However, generally things are so much better for me now, that I have no complaints.

A Plan for My Big Day

I may run errands early in the day if I can wake myself up early… and then I will go to Rae’s Yarn Boutique from 11-6 while that store is open. I’m not working or teaching (except maybe one hour) but I just want to hang out on the East Side, my favorite block in the entire city. I will be with creative folks, some of whom are friends and some will be new to me. All good!

Baking Cakes

I made two cakes (they are in the oven now, at midnight-thirty) to celebrate. It’s pretty simple stuff; just two small, one-layer cakes. I made both of them with ingredients I’m not allergic to, and happily they are quite good enough to share.

One is spice (nutmeg, allspice and clove… no cinnamon) and one is chocolate. They have no wheat, egg or milk. They are tasty. I was inspired by a King Arthur Flour recipe for a wartime ration cake, but had to change a lot of the ingredients to make it work for me.

Rae found me some confectioners’/powdered sugar without corn starch somewhere on the internet, so for the first time since 2002 I will make buttercream frosting. No big deal if you can have it, in fact I’m not all that fond of frosting as a rule. But having it when one hasn’t had it for years, is a lovely gift indeed.

Fun on the East Side

I will socialize and knit on Friday, and no doubt get all wound up and bounce off walls and ceilings (though I’ll do what I can to keep that to a minimum). Maybe I’ll finish up that final bobbin of handspun that I’ve been working on for a year. I’m actually spinning again since Rae invited me to bring my wheel to her shop.

I will wear the now-finished ballet top (well, all but working in ends, I better get busy while the cakes bake). It’s now the Judy Jetson/Star Trek tunic, but it’s really quite fun and funky in a very Lynn way and I’m going to enjoy wearing it. I will get photos if all goes well, and show you the results soon.

The Party that Already Was


Several weeks ago my mother threw a dandy party for me. I am still trying to remember who all was there, and right now the attendee list (from my memory) is at 83. Go, Mom! She didn’t even break a sweat. She made four layer cakes, and meatballs, and a zillion other things. She really enjoyed herself, and I really appreciated that more than anyone can know.

Above is a photo of me with Mom and my brother Eric Oscar (at the party). Thanks to Cynthia for taking the photo!

At the party, there were two jam sessions, one downstairs and one in the sun room. There was food and drink in two rooms. There was knitting and socializing and there were new friends being made.

Mom invited a bunch of folks I haven’t seen in years. There were at least five people there who I’ve known since elementary school. I also continue to receive lovely birthday cards from folks who could not make it.

The party was a wonderful time! THANK YOU, MOM!!!

The Contest

This week I am going to have a contest complete with prizes, to celebrate my Blogiversary. The way you enter is you leave me a comment about what the concept “ColorJoy” means in your life, anything about that idea/concept in your own world. Has coming here made you think of color differently? Did you check me out because of the name?

Do you resonate with the all-creativity focus, “Art as an everyday attitude?” What is ColorJoy to you? It need not be rainbow colors, it can be the color of a laugh.

It can be a happy moment with a child, or music, or an impromptu dance. It can be good food, or building a satisfying relationship. It can indeed be visual, whether knitting or polymer clay, quilting, painting on a canvas or a home.

Dig deep inside to find one answer (or more), and comment with a valid email address (the email is seen by me but not other readers, though if you leave a blog address they will see that).

I will have at least 5 prizes, and at least 2 of them will be made by me personally, either yarn I dyed or something I knit or made of polymer. You never know what you might win, and I promise they will all be things I would enjoy winning myself.

You can leave one comment per post starting with this one, until midnight Eastern Time (same as NY City) on next Thursday night. Each comment is one entry in “the hat” when I start picking names, though you can only win one prize. More comments will give you more chances to win.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. I appreciate each and every one of you. May you also have a pleasant and satisfying day.

23 Responses to “Improving with Time (& a Contest)”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I came to your site to wish you a very Happy Birthday since I knew today was the day. Didn’t know that you had already been celebrating. Good for you, let celebrate all year!

    Thank you Lynn for being such a positive person. You have touched so many lives with your love, creativity and your positive attitude about life. Thanks for making every single one of us feel special. Know that you are special to us too! Lots of Love and have a very Happy Day!!!!

  2. Jane Says:

    Happy Birthday – sounds like you’ve been celebrating for awhile now!

  3. Dawn Brocco Says:

    A very Happy Birthday, Lynn!

  4. Elle Says:

    Happy birthday Lynn…don’t you wish you still had that Burger King hat. You haven’t change a heck of a lot since then!!

    Good work good work good work…looking forward to seeing that Judy Jetson tunic!

    Cheers from the sticks, darlin’…

  5. Nicole (ikkinlala) Says:

    Happy birthday (and blogiversary)! I hope you have a great day.

    ColorJoy to me is mostly visual, but after some time reading your blog I’ve also started associating it with music.

  6. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I am so glad you enjoyed the party. You know I did. It is a memory that will stay for a long while. I know you will enjoy your real birthday today. I have to celebrate, too. It is 50 years ago today that I became a mommy! Love you bundles, Mom.

  7. Trish Says:

    Egads! That BK uniform (or shall I say “costume”?) You do look cute in it, even though it was horrendous! I hope you’re enjoying your birthday!

  8. Charlotte Says:

    Happy, happy birthday!

  9. Riin Says:

    Happy birthday Lynn! Yep, I remember when when Burger King uniforms looked like that (and I remember the entire jingle. Oh, what a waste of brain cells…). I think fast food uniform designers were kind of sadistic back then. I worked at Wendy’s in the mid-80’s, when we had to wear hideous blue and white striped (think circus tent) fitted long shirts that zipped up the front (not flattering on anyone) and ugly ugly hats out of the same fabric. I think the purpose was to humiliate the employees.

    Enjoy your day! Think of it as National Lynn Day.

  10. Tracy H. Says:

    Happy birthday, and may it be followed by many more.

    ColorJoy was my first knitting blog, the gateway drug to an online addiction full of color and creativity. I love the bright tones of your sock yarns and always look forward to your sharing nature’s colors through photos.

  11. Emma Says:

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

    You look fabulous and happy. The “happy” is the most important bit.


  12. Diana Says:

    Cool contest, and happiest of birthdays :-}
    Color means something more to me than it did when I was a bit younger. The word ‘deeper’ comes to mind.
    I am much more of a shut-in, so when I go out, the world has grown abotu a week older. Driving down the same roads, a week apart, the color changes remind me of time-lapse photography. Colors from nature affect me more deeply.

    On the art side, you know I always say that sometimes 5 colors don’t work together, but 50 always do :-} I am currently knitting a dear friend a Doctor Who scarf with uncommon color combos, and loving it. I am generally alternating warm and cool colors, but otherwise, whatever I happen to be knitting with gets added on, a few rows a day.

    It was one of the best gifts of my life when I met you. I married Eric Oscar because I love him dearly, but you were a fantastic bonus, sister-in- love! I have always been a bit odd when compared to the rest of my blood relatives (although my nieces and nephews seem to take after me!) It is wonderful to have you in my life, you never wince at my color combo choices, and in fact LIKE them :-}

  13. Janet Says:

    Happy Birthday Lynn! Somewhere I read that your birthday should last as many days as you are old! So hopefully you’ll be celebrating for 50 days!

    Colorjoy…the colors you use in your yarns and polymer are joyous. It’s always uplifting to look at what you have to share. (The photos are great too!) Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  14. Lorraine Says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the Pumpkin Soup recipe.

  15. Mom Says:

    p.s. The tablecloth in your birthday cakes picture is one your Grandma Illa crocheted. It was finished when she was in the hospital at the time of my birth which makes it 74 years old. I liked the blue under it so it could be seen a little better.

  16. Debbie Says:

    First let me wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I first started coming to your website because of your patterns at Ravelry. I fell in love with quite a few, I ended up staying, or following you because I found you to be very creative, not just with yarn. You always seem to be doing something involving Art and giving of yourself. I think if we were to meet in person we would get along, we seem to like the same things, we are almost the same age too, I am 3 years behind you. Colorjoy in general to me means that with color life is joy, as for your website it is how you take the color and create, giving joy to others.

  17. Cyndy Says:

    I wish that I could sing this for you. It is the French Canadian version of Happy Birthday.

    Ma chère Lynn
    C’est à ton tour
    De te laisser parler d’amour.

    My dear Lynn
    It’s your turn
    To let us speak express our affection for you

    Happy Birthday from your older friend. (I turned 52 earlier this month.) I will answer your Color Joy question tomorrow. I found your blog so long ago…I’m not sure how.

  18. Deborah Robson Says:

    Hi, Lynn: A *very* happy birthday! You are a few weeks less than ten years younger than I am. It keeps getting better. I’m also glad you have been having a relaxing holiday weekend. And that you are making the most of it!

  19. MAKW Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful 50th and that you enjoyed the cake!!

    I think the thing I enjoy the most is your ability to mix so many colors together, because I’m someone whose favs are brown black and maybe some grey . . . but I’m working on it.

    I love that you promote the good things in Lansing – it’s great to live in a community that is artistic (even if it’s not in a huge city).

  20. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    Happy Birthday, Lynn! You’ve caught up to me, but only until next June. ;-)

    And yes, “Art as an everyday attitude” is something that resonates with me. It’s the kind of life I strive for and coming here gives me incentive and hope.

    Many happy returns!


  21. Snowbird Says:

    Happy Birthday Lynn! I hope your day was filled with much happiness!

  22. Chelle Says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Lynnie!!! I already won a fabulous prize in an earlier contest, so you don’t have to enter me in this prize drawing (that wouldn’t be fair). However, what ColorJoy means to me is creativity, uniqueness, artistic inspiration in ALL forms of art. It includes an enriched view of life, with a postiive spin. It’s the flair expressed by a 1920’s flapper couple reincarnated, you and Brian are so cute! It’s a world view that chooses to be postiive in the face of all of life’s travails. It’s the view of a woman who is growing in spice and personal style, while she shows us how she sees the world from her purple-colored house.

  23. Marianne Says:

    I love colour! Colour means that I will look my best, my eyes will sparkle and I will smile a lot! Get the colours wrong and I feel wrong and mostly I will change into something that makes me feel right! It’s the same with my home as well…it has to reflect ME!