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ColorJoy is sometimes Artful Food

pop-nothings.jpgI am going to speak for a week about my own vision for the concept of “ColorJoy.” My theme for the blog is “Art as an everyday attitude.” This includes much more than visual arts, much more than merely visual color.

Color is a term used for tastes and for sounds, even for black and white page layout. For me it is about seeing the best in something, perhaps taking it one step past where it must go into where it can possibly go!

On Thanksgiving we both did some work in the kitchen. Brian starts the chicken and I pull it out of the oven when it’s done.

But earlier in the day, I attempted a disappointing breakfast of Popovers (I think they are not even pop-unders, but no-pops). They are supposed to puff up and have a hollow air center. I am showing a photo here. They look like muffin tops rather than popovers! They were dense as hockey pucks, very hard to eat.

It was a first try, though, and it’s a rare allergy recipe that comes out right the first time. (For the record, these did have eggs, butter and milk but not wheat.)

applecranberrydessert.jpgFortunately dinner was fine and then I made a very nice apple-cranberry crisp from Jane Brody’s Good Food Book (with very few substitutions… it is a wonderful dessert). That was a treat. I love cranberries! I love oats, too. It was a good thing the recipe does not make a lot, because we would have finished off any size very quickly.

Then I proceeded to make two cakes, with no wheat or egg (and no milk other than in the frosting; none in the cakes). And I made frosting for the first time in years, with a confectioners sugar that does not have cornstarch. I will never be able to have corn again, I’m convinced, it makes me feel so terrible… so this one had tapioca starch to prevent caking instead of corn, and I was able to make homemade buttercream frosting. It was a treat (even though I never really have liked frosting very much).

cakesbirthday.jpgWe did not eat the cakes until I took them to the yarn shop on Friday, but I’m including them here because I’m talking of creative food I made on Thursday.

Note in this case, the cakes are not that spectacular to look at. They taste very good, which is the first goal.

They are also the product of many tries to bake a cake that is good enough for anyone, even without allergies… without wheat, egg, milk, corn, yeast, and a bunch of other things I don’t tolerate well. Cooking this way requires a lot of flops and semi-flops before you end up with something you like. These cakes were excellent in texture and taste, though a bit flat looking. I call that a ColorJoy-full success!

What sorts of food make you most creative? How do you see food and the idea of ColorJoy coming together in your own mind/life? Remember, you can comment once per post until Thursday night to enter my contest.

2 Responses to “ColorJoy is sometimes Artful Food”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Did you use any kind of leavening agent (like baking powder) in your popovers? My guess is that they need something like that to get them to pop.

  2. Diana Says:

    I was a pretty good ordinary cook for years. I learned the basic stuff country kids learn, like how to make cookies, and can vegetables, and make casseroles, and was helping out in the kitchen since I was about 8 years old. I also used to try new things, but was quickly squashed down by my parents, who did not like how the meals tasted, and could not afford the waste of good ingredients. It wasn’t until I lived in Japan that I discovered food as an art form. Each plate in even the most ordinary restaurant had some touch of art about it. Since then, when I have the time and energy, my food is as pretty as I can make it. It adds so much depth and joy to the experience, for me, and the people I am feeding. The new Japanese restaurant we visited a few weeks ago has some lovely art on the plates, and I wished I’d had my camera with me. Next time, I’ll bring it.

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