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Prizes for Lucky Loyal Readers

I have so many good, loyal readers that I was unable to give everyone a prize. This time I pulled these names from a bowl. Congratulations. If I awarded you a pattern you already have, please go to my online shop pattern list and pick a different one, and let me know. (The photos were taken after dark, so some of the colors just did not show well on screen… I could not wait another day for sun when I was home and able to photograph.)

Chelle gets one of my promised LynnH-Created prizes. This is a Party Stole which is almost identical to the one I wear myself. Chelle likes textured knits and wears green, I hope this green is a flattering one!

Deborah Robson
Deb gets some lovely light-worsted kettle-dyed Araucania wool in raspberry shades and my Toe-Up Mitten pattern, which somehow I have not mentioned here and is not even on my shopping cart yet. This is a good wooly-type wool which I think Deborah will appreciate. She walks dogs every day, so surely mittens are a good choice.

Debbie wins the second of my promised LynnH-created gifts. It is a full pound of Henry’s Attic Licorice Twist merino, hand-dyed by me. I tried one skein of this yarn when looking for yarns to dye professionally. It’s just lovely but did not work for the niche I was wanting to fill.

There are 1120 yards in this pound, which makes it a light worsted rather than a true worsted (it has 246 yards to 100 grams, rather than a standard 220 yards for worsted weight). Debbie, this is a lot of yarn and should bring you a fun project of some sort. Maybe a knit tee shirt (I love the one I knit with yarn this weight)? Maybe a shrug? Lightweight legwamers?

Let me know which of my patterns you would like me to send along with this yarn. (The yarn in person is a bit more subtle, more like sherbet than in the photo.)

Nicole gets two balls of the very squishy and lovely machine-washable Ornaghi Merino Kind yarn. It should make really comfy socks. I am not sure if you already have my First-Time Toe-Up sock pattern? If you do, will you tell me which other pattern you would like me to send?

She has done a lot of knitting/testing for me over several years, a precious gift. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have my Topper-Down hat pattern yet, and I know she likes turquoise and purple. She gets Tahki Shannon yarn in mottled/marled turquoises with red flecks for the main hat. Her stripe yarn is Nashua Creative Focus Worsted, in a plummy deep purple that does not show well in photos.

Riin gets a skein of the lovely wooly light-worsted kettle-dyed Araucania in warm greens. I know she likes this color and she does a lot of walking in winter. This has potential to keep her warm with nice densely-knit fabric on her hands, using the Toe-Up Mitten pattern.

Trish is the one who designed my favorite shawl pattern ever, the Bloom Shawl (I have knit several and this winter I’ve been wearing one over my gray winter coat every day). She loves color as I do. Today she gets rainbow-colored New Zeeland worsted-weight wool (the labels are missing but I think it is half a pound) and a Toe-Up Mitten pattern.

Thank you to everyone who commented during my Blogiversary/Birthday wee. Thanks, actually, to every commenter any time, any day! I appreciate every one of you out there.

4 Responses to “Prizes for Lucky Loyal Readers”

  1. Trish Says:

    Oooh…I’m excited! I love that yarn, and have been meaning to knit myself some mittens. Perfect! Thanks Lynn! Mwah!

  2. Riin Says:

    Oh, Lynn, you know me so well! That color is so me. It will go perfectly with my scarf, and I need to knit myself some warmer mittens. I’ve been looking online at mitten patterns, and the huge majority now are fingerless mitts. That would be good for inside, but not for outside in winter in Michigan! I think you must have been looking inside my head! Thank you so much!

  3. Deborah Robson Says:

    Lynn, I feel totally blessed. It has been bitterly cold here. I have become acutely aware, while walking the dogs, that *I do not have warm enough mittens or gloves*, and have been saying to myself that the next project on my needles has *got* to be something to keep my hands warm! (I’ve even looked at buying something, but nothing I’ve seen looks like it would be better than what I’ve already got.) I also love raspberry colors. HUGE hugs and thanks to you!

    Like Riin, I’ve got a great pair of fingerless gloves (almost two pairs, second to be finished in an odd moment), which I’ve been using at the coffee shop. Need more for going outside!

  4. Chelle Says:

    I love love LOVE my Party Stole – and yes, it is very complimentary – the spring green and turquoise are lovely and are making me happy – I’ve worn the stole 2 days in a row. Yay! Thanks very much.