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This and That

I’m in the midst of a big yarn-dyeing push and so won’t be too deep today…

Student Project Photo

I taught a class recently at Rae’s, a bulky cabled scarf class where both students were very new knitters. They were really happy to learn how to cable! Both had very soft yarns, which will be warm wrapped around the neck.


The blue yarn is alpaca, the reddish-rust yarn is an Araucania hand dyed fluffy cotton. I’m super happy with how well they learned this project! Congratulations, ladies.

My Christmas Gift

Brian and I keep Christmas at a dull roar at our house. With no kids and no relatives in Lansing, we get away with it, and I’m grateful.

We do get out to a lot of gatherings, but at home I am really in need of solitude and serenity when I can get it. Christmas is a pajama day if I can work it out!

Gifts are not a big deal; after all, we have each other. We met in our late 30’s so we understand how big a gift that really is. Early this year we got a brand new refrigerator and a stove. We also will be going on a vacation in February, so that is sort of our big gift to ourselves this season. I don’t need gifts to be on the “right” day, you know?

Other than that, we do small gifts, usually wrapped, and on Christmas morning. This year I didn’t wrap anything… I am making Brian a pair of mittens for bicycle riding (which are not done yet… but we are making them up as we go, so there is much ripping and re-trying).

lingonberries.jpgHe got me a very special treat. Lingonberry Preserves! If you have not tried them, they are a lot like cranberries but much smaller (maybe currant sized). They grow wild in Sweden.

I have a lot of allergies, and many jellies, jams and preserves have citric acid added to them. Most fruit has a lot of citric acid in it already! The citric acid added in production, is often not from a fruit source (and even if it was, I’m very allergic to some fruits), and I don’t tolerate it well. So when I find fruit anything with three ingredients: Fruit, sugar, pectin… well, you can imagine how pleased I am. When it’s lingonberries? Heaven.

I’m already halfway through the first jar and it’s only December 30. I have put it on breakfast as jam, and I have put it on ice cream as fruit topping. I did share a little…

The thoughtfulness was much appreciated, he looked a few places before he found these. Thanks, Brian!

4 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Chelle Says:

    With the yarn dyeing, do you do use acid dyes – do you put your fiber in crock pots or what? I’m going to ease into dyeing some time this year and am already starting to assemble some stuff like buckets, face marks, rubber gloves, RIT dyes, white vinegar, etc. What do you suggest I start with?

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Yummm Lingonberries!
    This goes well with my lefse blog today :-}

  3. jinann Says:

    Lingonberries! Oh, I’m sooooo jealous! I didn’t get any this year! Last time I had any was at the Norwegian Embassy last February! Where did he find them?

  4. harryiwasko Says:

    you should try the Swedish crepes at I-Hop. They have lindonberries and special butter. WARNING They are addictive.

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