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Thanks for Your Input

I really appreciate so many of you commenting when I asked for opinions on which ad I should run. If you missed that post you can link directly to it here.

I chose this image, at least for this time:

Bottom line, I like the layout of the ad better than those split up the middle with a smaller photo. I also really appreciated the input from several of you (some off comments) that these look more friendly to shapely legs.

Part of me wanted more color in the shots. Part of me wanted it to look like dancewear, part of me wanted it to look like fashion. The layout and curvy-leg issues were the deciding factors in the end decision.

The first three photos showed me (non-curvy legs) as model. The model in this particular photo at left is my friend Marie, in the dance room where we rehearse. I knit her legwarmers to test my knit-to-fit formula for legs more curvy than my own. (I also had a few test knitters try it as well.)

She’s barefoot because we normally dance marielegwarmerclass33.jpgbarefoot in our troupe, for those who asked about that. In the second photo you see Marie at rehearsal last week, wearing the same legwarmers.

My Long Love-Affair with Legwarmers

For the record, I’ve been a dancer all my life. Not a great one but a constant one. I happen to be good at one type of dance now, but it took decades to find my niche.

I tried ballet, jazz, modern, tap (perhaps you noticed that the photo #1 with me wearing heels… the heels were tap shoes). Meanwhile, any music and I was moving to the beat even if it was not an official dancing event.

A digression: I remember thoroughly embarrassing my Goddaughter dancing in line at a Wendy’s once when she was about 11 years old. She said I was weird. I told her “You like me that way.” Her eyes got big as saucers, as she realized it was true. Her mom says that after that moment, when other kids told her she was weird she replied “thanks.”

Well, as a dancer, legwarmers look normal and attractive to me no matter what fashion says. I have worn them off and on since the 1970s. When they became more available in colors besides black and ballet pink, I started wearing them more regularly.

Those of you who know me only here online, don’t see how I dress every day. Now that I can knit my own colorful wool legwarmers, they are part of “my look.” From about late September through April or May, you will find me in snug leggings and legwarmers every day. Sometimes I am really colorful as seen below and sometimes more the way you see Marie dressed above.

torontolynninstreetcar100forravelry.jpgI get cooooold in Michigan, even when others are not chilly. In winter I even have a few pairs that fit over pajama bottoms so I can sleep in them.

The surprise is not that I came out with a pattern, but that it took this long to get finalized. I was determined that it should be able to fit all legs, any curve, any size. Until I could figure out a formula that worked for everyone, I delayed the release of this pattern. It took two years from my first prototype to publish date.

And now I have it right! I am confident that anyone can use my pattern to knit a pair that actually will fit properly. I’m very proud of that, and the delay was worthwhile.

For those who are on Ravelry, look for the ad on the Patterns page from February 1-15. Thanks again for your input.

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