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Equilateral Vest

equilateralonlynn33.jpgI talked about maybe going back to my Lucy Neatby Equilateral Vest project in January. I’ve done a little, though it needs to be alternated with other things that won’t take as long to figure out.

First I sewed all the seams and worked in all the ends. Then I blocked it nice and flat. The photo below (of just the vest) is while it was blocking. If I were to do this project according to the pattern, I would need to do four non-standard triangles (shoulders and front center) and then an edging, which I think is attached I-cord.

I took the photo of me in the vest, before I finished all the sewing/blocking. You can see that it will be very nice once I finish the half-triangles.

It actually does fit me, if I just would wear something that short. I’m a tunic-length person because I prefer stretch leggings instead of jeans. I started another set of triangles which will be two rows underneath the vest I’ve already knit. That may be long enough, it may not. I have lots of yarn and will knit to add length until I will actually wear it.

I’ve knit 7 new triangles so far. They are very satisfying. However, if I’m not paying attention I can easily pick up stitches on the wrong side of the triangle and end up with the need to rip and try again. Luckily, these are like potato chips and every single triangle is a delight to make.


It will be a long time to finish this, as my business can’t wait for me to play, there is so much to do right now. But I was able to make a few triangles out and about the other day. There’s little knitting going on when I am actually at Casa ColorJoy, but I can knit when I’m out of the house sometimes.

OK, today is a work day. Two hours at the desk doing admin/finance stuff, then I’m going down in the studio and putting pretty colors on yarn. Have a good one, whatever you do.

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