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First Crayon Event

Tuesday was a whirlwind, Wednesday promises the same. No time for a story, other than to say I visited my friend Rita/Yarnhollow in Grand Rapids’ Eastown for a few hours on Tuesday. We had tea at Kava, visited City Knitting and all the great ladies there, and then had lunch at Marie’s.

Rita brought her crayons to Kava. We scribbled as we chatted. Here are the results. Rita did paisleys (otherwise known as Mangos in India) and I started with a circle and ended up with something between a sun and a circus tent. Much fun.

I think it was good to have someone to chat with while we did this. For me, it kept me more focused on my friend than being artful. The scribbles were just that… free and easy.


I am not done coloring yet. Would you care to join me?

2 Responses to “First Crayon Event”

  1. Mom Says:

    The coloring reminded me of when I was little and got sick in bed. We would get a paper napkin for a meal and save it to color. We colored the boarders and the insides, too. They had pressed, maybe, flowers on them and it was a real treat to have them to color. It also kept us in bed to rest and get well.

  2. kristi and otis Says:

    I lived at Kava in my 20’s – used to live around the corner when I was in grad school- City Knitting is Fab – there is a great Indian restaurant around the corner as well as a new organic restaurant called Green – FAB! We colored Dora and school buses after dinner tonight as well as a round of ice-cream parlor playdough followed by guitar lessons. I didnt take pics but glad to be part of the inspiration.

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