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Shawl, Curtain, something like that…

This is actually an old project but I just got the last photo.

I got inspired by Debbie New’s book ‘Unexpected Knitting” when it came out. I cast on for a scribble lace shawl/stole. I used three rows purple mohair laceweight and one row of a thick/thin white/turquoise/purple which I bought the last time we went to Indianapolis for a Ukulele Festival (perhaps 3 years ago).

It turned out more square/less rectangular than I expected. I did wear it for my debut in New York City scribblelacecurtainweb.jpgat the Ukefest there in 2006, folded into a triangle of sorts (and worn over my turquoise silk gown which first was my wedding dress).

The shawl was really very warm for how sheer the fabric is. The above photo was taken by Brian’s sister at that New York performance.

Then I took it home and somehow never wore the shawl. And I had a window I was wanting to cover a little bit, but not cover all the light.

So I folded the shawl and put it on the rod on the front door, and it works. I would prefer it without the fold, I like flat panels better than ruffled curtains. However, it worked without any hassles or delay, and I like that.

How fun is that? Clothing turned into curtain without a single alteration except a change of mind and attitude!

4 Responses to “Shawl, Curtain, something like that…”

  1. Trish Says:

    Love it!

  2. Chelle Says:

    Love it. I’ve been wanting to make a knitted curtain since I saw something similar in the first Mason Dixon book. Yours is even cuter and more colorful. What a great idea!!

  3. Rob Says:

    I like it with the fold, as it appears to have a matching valance this way, which makes it look completely planned and “supposed to fit” in that space.


    (BTW–Franklin was standing beside me last night as I opened your e-mail and I read it aloud to him. He was flattered and was disappointed that you couldn’t be with us over the weekend also!)

  4. A. Says:

    I remember seeing that shawl/curtain in your house it was very cool :)

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