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A Bus Cozy

You have heard of Teapot Cozies? They are a sweater to keep the teapot warm (and the tea inside it). I designed a pattern for one, which can be viewed at right. Mine is rather mundane next to some exhuberant ones with many colors, ruffles, flowers and more. I call mine a “teapot sweater” for that reason.

You know I sometimes like knitting as art rather than for practical purposes…

Well, I’ve shown you a gas station cozy here before (some Lansing knitters took part in that project), and I’ve seen a pink tank cozy (as in military armed vehicle) though I don’t remember if I shared that with you or not. These two projects had social/political commentary as part of their message.

And I just this week heard of a bus cozy in Mexico City. Yes, and it appears one could drive the bus while it was wearing its sweater. As far as I can tell the project was for art’s sake or perhaps for a chuckle.

The article says the bus cozy is knitted, but it appears to be crocheted in any place I can see the stitch work. I think crochet is much more appropriate for this project, as it tends not to stretch as much as knitting.

Whatever you call it, I call it fun!

One Response to “A Bus Cozy”

  1. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    Yep. You linked to the tank cozy some time ago.

    Dang. I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do today but things like that get firmly burnt into my memory.

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