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Creative Kid Knitter

kidwithhorsesweater.jpgAbout a week ago, a young knitter came in to Rae’s shop with her mom and they hung out a while. I was delighted to see the child’s creative project. She figured out how to make a sweater/coat for her stuffed horse.

I asked the child and Mom if I could take a photo for my blog. They decided that might be fun! They know my regular kid knitters and perhaps they have seen photos of the other kids here before.

So I present to you a very creative kid, who made up her own project without a pattern! She’s a winner in my book.

2 Responses to “Creative Kid Knitter”

  1. Mom Says:

    Oh, how wonderful. You can see she is happy, too. I remember sewing doll clothes for our dolls. That was a creative thing to do with left over scraps from Mom’s sewing.

  2. A. Says:

    good work :) :) :)

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