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Neon in Brighton, MI

neonbrightonhardware25.jpgI love neon signs. I took a photo of this as the sun went down, from across the street, last week Saturday.

Four of us were on our way back from Knit Michigan, a knitting gala/sale, and none of us had slept enough the night before. I had maybe 15 seconds to get a photo before we headed back home. Not bad for the time allowed…

I never get tired of signs like this. Lovely, yes?

2 Responses to “Neon in Brighton, MI”

  1. My Merino Mantra Says:

    And the inside of the store is just as nice! It has creaky wooden floors, and plenty of character. I got a pressure cooker ring from there for an ancient pressure cooker my mother gave me. It was the only place I could find it!

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I keep meaning to snatch a photo of the Saluting Cadet (in Neon) At teh Cadet Motor Inn in Coldwater when we are there.
    If you google Cadet Motor Inn Coldwater under images, you can see other photos.

    His arm ‘salutes’