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Treading Water

cloudyday.jpgSome times, it feels like life is a toboggan going down a hill so fast that everything is a blur. Sometimes it seems I’m sitting backwards in the toboggan. Sometimes I’m stuck in mud.

Right now I seem to be in the backward mode. I ripped out thousands of stitches (will share that with you sometime) on one project. I started another project, knit for a week, then got stopped short and I need to figure out what to do next.

I was working on taxes on my VISTA computer (used to do Quicken on my XP computer) and it thought I was not authorized to save, so it didn’t save the work I did. Now I have set the program to “start as administrator” and I have to approve it to start up before it willcloudyday2.jpg work, but now it’s saving the work I’ve done. Bah, humbug.

And I have had a car repair to do, that I believed could reasonably be solved with my good brain, a good manual, and a set of drivers/wrenches which fit my car.

I’ve done a number of screwdriver-friendly repairs in my driving history, and this seemed do-able. However, a week and a half into it, I give up. I’m going to find someone who does this every day and pay them to do it. That’s what money is for. My car is 11 years old and looks great, it’s worth it, but I’m bummed I was not able to do this one myself.

But right now the sun has decided to peek through the clouds for a few seconds. I will declare that a good sign. (First photo above looks like most of the sky today… right photo is sunshine with a little blue sky peeking out.) If it doesn’t mean anything besides a short bout of sun’s rays, that is enough for me.

Back to writing class handouts and doing taxes. I do get lunch with Altu, which will be great, and I have several students at Rae’s tonight, also good.

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