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Silence is Golden

Crazy to Quiet in 1 Day

I had a crazy-busy Friday… too many appointments, hurry up then wait. I did get to knit while waiting, several times. Knitting keeps me happy and balanced even when waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

I’m still knitting a sample sock for my First-Time Toe-Up Sock pattern, out of my Blueberry Resonance Flammegarn sockyarn. I’m enjoying this, I know what to do and the rhythm of just making stitches is very calming.

I’m done with the foot and heel, and working on the leg. No new photos since I showed you this one, unfortunately.

More Snow

Saturday was supposed to bring a big dump of snow on Lansing, Michigan. isabelwithhugheart16.jpgIt turned out to be merely some snow, where everything is covered, but nothing that would make it difficult to drive (for those who drive on snow often).

I lucked out, in any case. My class canceled and I did not have to shovel my car out on any deadline (Brian usually does the shoveling but he’s suffering a cold right now, so I will no doubt shovel today). Snow does have a sound-muffling feature, which is a nice thing in a city neighborhood.

Being My Own Secretary

I am alone at home today/Saturday doing administrative work. The sounds I hear are the furnace blowing, my keyboard clicking as I type, and an occasional car passing by. When I get bored of silence, I’ll play Jen Sygit’s new CD, then go back to quiet for a while longer.

I don’t mind working at my computer, especially when I have no appointments interrupt the flow. I love being alone during the day. I could not do it for days on end, but it’s a nice relief from being in charge of classes, sometimes.

Dance the Night Away

Friday ended with my dance event at New Aladdin’s Restaurant, which was a great way to finish. Friend April and daughter Isabel came. April got some photos of Isabel and I dancing together, which are not processed for web yet.

I’ll bring you photos of the Friday dance event when this paper deadline I’m working on is handled. Meanwhile, you can see this photo of Isabel, holding the heart I knit her for Valentine’s day.

hugforisabelhuge50then33.jpgThe heart is knit from Aspen yarn (super fat, Ravelry calls it Bulky but I find it thicker than other yarns marked with that label). I knit it pretty tightly and then did not felt it before sewing and stuffing it.

The pattern I used is again the Anna Hrachovec free Heart pattern, a big favorite of mine (and of the kids I teach to knit).

This is the same yarn I knit Isabel’s “hug” from about a year ago. She loves her hug (it’s like a blanket which can be wrapped around shoulders and back, hug-like). Now she has a valentine heart hug, too.

And with that… back to paperwork.

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