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I don’t enjoy accounting paperwork. That sounds funny from someone who once worked in a finance department! Anyway… that is to say that I am very happy to have finished doing my tax paperwork for 2008. That was the reason I’ve been a little less visible here on the blog.

In reward, I invited a friend over for soup and chocolate cake. Jen Sygit came over and we just did tea and soup, a simple few hours of chatting and a meal. I love it when we can get together, it seems to not happen often enough.

A Spectacular New CD

For the record, Jen has a really good new CD out. You surely want to get one, don’t you? How could you miss it? I think right now the only way to get it is through Jen herself, click to send her an email

Her voice is as strong and expressive as ever, her songwriting is stronger every day, and her musicianship (and that of her band) is top notch. Great stuff. I literally play it over and over when I need company in the house and I’m alone.

Photo today is Jen with Drew Howard behind her, at the RicStar Music Therapy Camp benefit. The date was around August 2007.

A Satisfying Evening

I taught my computer class again tonight… I teach a group of fourteen (mostly) retirees how to use the computer on Monday nights. Basic stuff for smart people who never had training.

It is very rewarding for all of us. They wait in line sometimes to thank me and say goodbye until the next week. I am very lucky for this one day a week that harkens back to my six years as a computer trainer and 2-3 years as a Y2K consultant/Access programmer.

What now?

I have almost a week off from teaching, and the taxes are done. What shall I knit? Input welcome, as always.

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  1. M. Says:

    A sweater!

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