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Home, Sweet Home

Family Fun

We were visiting family in Florida… Mom and Fred in Lakeland, Brian’s parents and aunts/uncle south of Tampa, and sis-/brother-in-law in Jacksonville. Lots of driving, lots of laughing. Bustle, fun and distraction; less than a week on the road.

The Luxury of Warmth

It’s a huge luxury to get warm in February if you live in Michigan, and I do not take this for granted. We have not been on a warm-weather vacation in 3 years or more. It was lovely.

Saturday, the temperature reached about 80F/26.6C degrees. It was warm and sunny and gorgeous. We spent the day exploring Jacksonville with Brian’s sister Kathy and her hubby Pedro. I wish we could spend every Saturday with them, but they live so far away!

Sunday it got pretty chilly. We needed coats and sweaters/shawls to go for a walk. Monday was chillier yet, but we had to leave very early to get home on time. Luckily we did not buy those tickets with a layover in Baltimore, or we would have dealt with the bad weather they got on the east coast.

Monday morning as our plane took off, the captain told us it was 9F/-12.7C in Detroit. When we got in, it was slightly warmer than that but windy. When we made it home, the pile of snow we left behind in the back yard was still there, waiting for us.

No Place Like Home

Just the same, I miss my friends and my routine and my students. I’m OK with getting back to standard life, in whatever flavor of “normal” I may approximate.

I feel a bit more thawed out than a week ago, though…

…I have almost 500 photos, will get to some as soon as I can sit longer. Right now I need to prepare for my computer class which happens in a few hours.

Thanks for waiting, I missed you.

2 Responses to “Home, Sweet Home”

  1. Rita Says:

    Excellent that you arrived back at home, safe and on time! It will warm up later this week, to mitigate your withdraw from FL.

  2. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    Ha! How many people are there, just here in the U.S.? K, then… taking them as the sample, define “normal.” ;-)