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Two Last Photos from Florida

The photos I took in Florida are taking longer to show you, than the amount of time we were down there! I guess it is nice to reflect on time away. It is so easy to forget those times when we hit the ground running as we return home.

Here is a truck full of oranges. We were near the Tropicana Juice factory (yum).


Imagine how many trees, and how many people were involved in getting that fruit to the place where my favorite juice is made. That is a LOT of oranges!

heftonescitruscentercolonyfeb09sm.jpg But the next photo is much more personal. When we got to Lakeland on Wednesday, Mom asked if we could do a concert (as The Fabulous Heftones) at her park, on Sunday afternoon. We said “of course.”

We then proceeded on our trip, visited Brian’s parents and relatives, saw Bok Tower Gardens, went to see Kathy and Pedro, and came back to Lakeland.

While we were away, Mom had been busy inviting the world to our concert. When it came time to sing, there were 38 people in the audience!

Now, Brian’s family brought a van with 5 people in it from near Tampa. However, everyone else came because my mother had invited them. She rocks.

We really had a fun concert. The folks there were quite enthusiastic and paid rapt attention to every song. It just was a lovely afternoon.

Thanks for making it happen, Mom!

2 Responses to “Two Last Photos from Florida”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    How nice that you had your instruments with you so you COULD do the concert! Do you normally travel with them?

  2. Paz Says:

    I love how you always look like you’re having a good time when you’re performing in all your photos. And you make a handsome couple. ;-)

    That’s a lotta oranges. I’d like one right about now.

    Happy week to you,

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