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A Few Loose Ends

I don’t knit at home much. However, I always take a sock or two in my bag when I go out.

Like many people, I find myself waiting in line a lot… at the pharmacy, Post Office, even waiting for my lunch to arrive at a restaurant. Even a minute or two can turn into progress on the portable knitting that is a sock project.


In 2008, I knit only 6 pairs of socks. Compared to 2002, when I knit 36 pairs, I really slowed down on my main knitting passion in order to do other knitting for my business. I missed my socks!

So since January 1, I have been really passionate about knitting socks again. Apparently I have been waiting in line a lot. (OK, I was on vacation for 5 days, too.)

The pile here represents 13-1/2 individual socks I’ve knit since the beginning of the year, including 5 pairs. (I’m counting the three tiny socks that don’t match, as one “pair” for counting’s sake.)


This pile was merely yarn as the year 2009 began. The blue ball of yarn at the top represents a single sock that is now on display at Rae’s Yarn Boutique, but which was knit in 2009.

For Knitters:

  • The red/yellow/purple pair at top are Chippy Socks but in my size. They were knit in Zara and Rialto (DK), at a relatively loose gauge for socks. I can not wear these without shoes or slippers or they will wear out prematurely, but they were fun as a quick change of pace.
  • The turquoise with dots at right (Lynn’s Luxe Flammegarn, a DK weight cashmere blend not available on my website yet) were knit with the First-Time Toe-Up toe with afterthought heel and the leg/cuff structure of my Turkish-Style Toe-Up socks.
  • The purple ones bottom left were knit from my class handout for “Something Different Socks” (not yet a pattern).
  • The bright colored toddler socks piled on top (two pair) were made toe up in Cascade Fixation yarn, with afterthought heels. The hot green/pink pair have two rows of crochet at the top of the cuff.
  • The three doll-sized turquoise socks were all knit with different heels and legs, and an as-yet experimental toe.
  • Below is the sock that is missing from the pile (First-Time Toe-Up, knit in my Resonance Flammegarn, with K2P2 rib for leg):


I think probably I need to stay home a bit more (and do something other than knit socks while waiting). Meanwhile, I have a lot of ends to work in and side-of-heel holes to close up. It’s a good thing that I enjoy working with a sewing needle!

2 Responses to “A Few Loose Ends”

  1. Deb H Says:

    I love the colorful socks! And I’ll keep the address for your favorite Indian restaurant with me for my trip to K’zoo – thanks!

  2. Kokoriffic Says:

    What a beautiful pile of colorful socks.

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