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Perfect Music for a Rainy Day

sowetocd.jpgMuch to do, little time to write… but I am listening to an album I have listened to dozens of times. It’s just as fresh and wonderful as the first listen. Even Brian, who does not repeat listening to albums much, mentioned that he just never gets tired of this one.

It’s called “The Indestructible Beat of Soweto” (previous link takes you to a review, here is a second rave review) and was issued by Schanachie Records, a leader in folk and world music. I am pretty sure Brian got it at Elderly Instruments, but it’s not on their website right now. The CD was recorded in 1981-1984, so it is not current and may be hard to find in a local music store.

This South African sound may be my favorite music genre ever. If you like Mahotella Queens, Mahlathini, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Johnny Clegg, or Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album, you will likely love this. As for me, the music feels as though it feeds me from the inside out, and I feel more vibrantly alive when I hear it.

Great vocals. Great harmonies. Amazing bass lines. Serious dance music! I highly recommend buying this one. It would be a screaming deal at twice the price. Five Stars out of Five, if you ask me. *****

I don’t know anything about the vendors I listed above, no affiliation, just found them on Google.

Take that, Rainy Day!

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