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How do I get this busy?

I notice I have not been blogging. To be fair, I have found myself in a week of helping others. Sometimes others help me, so it clearly is my turn.

I have been helping out on the counter at Rae’s shop because she has an extra-busy six weeks. I helped another day at the shop, because the person regularly scheduled to work was too sick to come in (she is also a friend). I was really happy that I was able to help out.

I am working on setting up a friend’s new computer. I worked on the website of another friend, and I still have work to do on my mother’s last two children’s reading books.

Complicating the schedule is the fact that my dance troupe (Habibi Dancers, Lansing, Michigan) has our big annual show next Saturday night. The number of rehearsals to get ready is multiplying like fruit flies. Never mind that we all have costumes to prepare, and cookies to bake for the intermission.

And somewhere in there I am supposed to work, right? To pay my own bills? It gets really confusing at times. How do other people balance things? They don’t have friends? They say no? To be fair, I do say no quite often… but this week, it was not the time for that.

So: I am going to give you two links I found on my friend Luann Udell’s blog. They talk about scarcity, and fear of using things up, fear there will not be enough (supplies, creativity, money, love… you can apply this to almost anything). I found them quite thought-provoking. One of the writers I’ve known online for a long time, the other was new to me.

Myth of Scarcity

Scarcity and Perfection

Speaking of scarcity, I’m feeling that issue around my time today. I teach 1-5 today at Rae’s (Spectacular Stripe Tricks) and then I go home, transform myself into Lynn Heftone and go sing at Altu’s restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30. We are expecting a number of friends to come and hear us. I look forward to that!

Photos: Me in last year’s Habibi Dancers Concert, Brian and I as The Fabulous Heftones.

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