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A Cut Above

Well, Monday at JoAnn I got a very nice surprise. I was awarded with a “Cut Above” award for customer service. Basically, this is when you do something that stands out as good customer service, something special that makes a guest glad to be in our store. Then you have to be nominated by someone (often a manager, commonly after receiving a letter of thanks from a guest), to get this award. In my case, a manager observed me first hand, interacting with a guest about her quilting project.

I have only been working at the store (part time) since November 14, not even two months. I was supposed to only work there for 6 weeks, just a temporary thing. But I don’t do things half way, and if I am going to work I’m going to do the best job I can, short term or not.

It is an honor to be noticed for caring about my customers. Of course, I do! They are me. I am also a customer and I also make creative projects. But it is really special to be recognized for this caring.

You know, little pats on the back do make a difference. I had a good day after getting my award, and being recognized by at least the two managers who presented it to me. Now I get to wear a little scissors pin at work. It says in tiny print, “a cut above.” What a nice way to start the week!

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations, Lynnie!

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