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Spring Photos (Daddy’s Daffodils & More)


It is acting more like spring all the time. We had sleet several days ago, where it looked mostly like rain but made noises like ice on the roof window. However, today it was basically room temperature and sunny, and they are expecting the same tomorrow and Saturday. Of course, then we should have days and nights of rain and rain and more rain, but that is typical of this time of year.

These pictures are mostly for the benefit of my Mother, who is still in Florida for a tiny bit longer and asks about her garden when we chat. The first photo is a shot of the daffodils my father planted in the late 1960’s. Dad has been gone since 1973, but the large yellow daffodils are still coming up regularly.

Mom and I share a love of rhubarb. It is not really a fruit but we make “fruit pie” from it in these parts. It’s very tart and a bit bitter, more sour than cranberries. Love it!


Mom has a lot of rhubarb around her house. All were originally from plants brought to Michigan from the farm in Minnesota where she was raised. This is seriously hardy and healthy rhubarb! Above is one plant, pushing through the soil.

Now comes a bit of happy springtime from my own yard. First, a wonderful photo of a robin who watched me carefully but did not fly away when I moved around a bit.


And last but never least, my side yard looking more purple than green. The wild violets have never been this wonderful. I just can not seem to get a photo to do it any sort of justice.

There are other yards with these flowers in our neighborhood, but we have more than anyone else, and they are more dense than ever. In the foreground are some miniature very-early daffodils for contrast.


One Response to “Spring Photos (Daddy’s Daffodils & More)”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thank you for the photos of spring in MI and in my yard. Won’t the rhubarb taste wonderful? I am sure the pioneers were so happy to taste the rhubarb after a long winter of canned or dried food.

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