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Isabel’s 5th Birthday

My little sweet friend, Isabel, turned 5 years old on Thursday. There was a bit of a gathering, with cupcakes and dress-up shoes and many of her favorite people.


Children this age are so fresh and authentic! She is totally self-focused as is normal for this age. I sort of find it refreshing, but then again, I’m not her mother.

My favorite line? “Aren’t you excited? It’s MY birthday!” Gotta love it. She said it many times, too.

Of course, the other small person at the party was wishing that *she* could open gifts also. She was not as excited about Isabel’s birthday as Isabel was, but they both got much cake and much frosting. It worked out fine!

chippy170x170.jpgHere is my young friend in a pose with ten colors of fingernail polish. (Photo taken at my house on Tuesday, we started partying early.) I adore this child so much I could just plain burst!!!

This is the kid who inspired my creation of the original “Chippy Socks” (you can’t knit just one pair). I knit her 6 in one colorway (the ones in the photo at right) plus 2 in another colorway.

She loved those socks and delighted in choosing which ones to wear together each time she wore them . Often she picked one sock from each colorway, unmatched together on her feet.

They do not fit her any more. She swears they fit. I think they fit like clogs… on the toe and foot but not the heel. She is too funny.


So for this birthday, I knit her more socks. I only made two socks this time, a normal pair. Mind you, she knows that most socks (that do not come from Lynn) come in pairs of two.

She really liked her new socks (she wore them yesterday, could not wait for her birthday party). However, she was confused after opening her package. “Are there any more, Lynnie?” I told her not this time… these are normal socks… where there are only two in a pair.socks167edge.jpg

I think it’s time to start knitting another full set of Chippies.

(For the record, the new pair are knit from Cascade Fixation cotton/lycra yarn, toe up with afterthought heel and two rows of picot crochet at the top to make them ruffle.)

2 Responses to “Isabel’s 5th Birthday”

  1. Mom Says:

    Could you take the smaller socks and just open them up and add on? I am not a knitter, so I do not know. Maybe you do not have the same kind of yarn available. Just wondering. How wonderful to be five!

  2. kris Says:

    Hi Lynn-
    You are an amazing sock knitter! I am sad to say I have been working on the same sock for 8 years! Really. A friend bought a book for me about knitting two socks at the same time, which I wish I was doing, but I hate to rip this sock out again so I will persevere.

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