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Thanks to Howlin’ Hobbit for this link. Tweenbots are, to over-simplify, a fancy cardboard box with wheels and a motor… and a smiley face. They also have a little flag saying “help me” and a desired destination.

So the creator of the Tweenbot puts the wheeled box in one place (one corner of Washington Square Park, NYC) and sends it on its way. And humans who encounter it, help it get to the other far corner of the park. In about half an hour.

I have always said that most humans are good. Most of us would help a stranger (even those people who might be catty at the office are likely to help on the sidewalk, or so I believe). I love that this experiment seems to support the “mostly good” thought.

It’s sort of silly, yet I found it worthy of more than just a smile. It also made me feel good. I mean, this happened in New York City and people helped. So there, pessimists!

Click here for the Tweenbot web page.

3 Responses to “Tweenbot”

  1. AlisonH Says:

    Oh, that is so cool! That tweenbot is so cute. I’m going to send my sister in Manhattan that link–thank you!

  2. Trish Says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Lynn. That started my rainy, cold, dreary Monday morning with a big smile!

  3. Mom Says:

    What a darling little “guy”. It was so nice to see folks treat it as if it was a being. Thanks for sharing.

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