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Doug Berch in Woodworkers Journal Article

dougandsam.jpgMy friend Doug Berch builds mountain (lap) dulcimers. That’s his day job. (He also is a performing musician, who has several CDs currently available.) Doug is a thoughtful, caring and real friend, and I don’t know what I would do without his friendship.

You know that I talk here about how important my self-employed friends are to my life. Doug is part of that support group.

As an aside, Doug’s wife Cynthia is my regular Tuesday lunch date (she is the one who put balloons in flower pots amongst the snowdrifts this winter). She is a knitter as well as a musician, and has tested a few patterns for me. Without this couple, my life would not be as full.

Doug has been interviewed in some length, on the Woodworkers Journal Ezine. I knew many bits of this story, but it is told in clarity here. It fills in a few gaps I didn’t know until now.

dougbrianbishopsm.jpgOne of the many things I love about Doug is that he really respects the wood (and the tree it came from). I’m not comfortable working with wood, but he really reveres it.

He says he does everything he can to let the tree’s natural beauty be the star of his woodworking. I am sure he uses other words to say it, but I love how he does not try to embellish what nature does so well. He always respects the tree from which the instrument was made.

It is truly a lovely article, from someone who has known Doug since his first years building his first few instruments. I recommend you check it out.

Photos: 1) Doug playing hammered dulcimer with Sam Herman; 2) Doug at left, talking to Brian Bishop (a violin/fiddle instrument maker). Both photos taken at Sam Herman’s 21st birthday party, Magdalena’s Teahouse, October 2008.

One Response to “Doug Berch in Woodworkers Journal Article”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Awesome! Yay for Doug. Thanks for the heads-up, Lynn.