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Yesterday, I saw the first three dandelions in our yard. We won’t love the multitudes which will follow, but the first means it is warm on the ground. This one had an insect drinking up nectar, and was feasting from the looks of it:


Today, only a week or less since we had sleet:

82degreesapril.jpg For my friends outside the USA, this is 27.7C, and that means warm. The sun shines, the birds chirp, and it is spectacular to have the front door wide open.

Today I have a day at home alone. This means that I have laundry and a million other domestic things to do, which wait for me to be home. I will definitely go on a walk sometime soon, but home with doors/windows open is wonderful enough.

Winter this year was cruel. It got cold and it never let up. We had snow on top of snow. There was no melting period between accumulations (which has been the pattern we have come to expect). Pretty close to everybody in Lansing, Michigan has been quite ready for a day like this, for a very long time.

My favorite temp is 84F. Today is April, and we’re approaching heaven already!

 (Update: at 5:30pm the thermometer said 87.2… heaven. I got out the hammock on the porch!)

3 Responses to “Aaaahhh….”

  1. Trish Says:

    Aaaaahhhh is right. I just came in from pulling dead stuff out of another perennial bed. It’s bordering on HOT out there. If it wasn’t for the brisk wind blowing everything around before I can pick it up, it would be downright perfect. I know how you love the warm, Lynn…. I hope it sticks around for good this time!

  2. Deb H Says:

    Heaven for me is 74 deg F – But I’ll take anything (almost) that is not snow! I finally have a couple of crocuses up and my weeping willow has developed the green haze of spring – yes!

  3. Mom Says:

    Winter with no melting all winter long is the way I grew up in Minnesota. The snow that came in the late fall stayed until spring. Seeng the dandelion means my work is cut out for me on Tuesday.

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