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Weekend Mix

They have a spring salad Mix, why not spring weekend Mix?

Perfect Friday

Friday was incredible. I had been suffering from a spring (rain-allergy) headache for 4 days, and then Friday was perfect. It was dry and warm and breezy, and I felt like a million bucks!

It was wonderful. I felt like a kid who had a birthday, with a pile of presents too big to open them all. I took a long walk, without my camera. Actually I took some ice cream and ate that while I walked. Total luxury!!!

polyclaygifts25.jpgSome days I drag and it seems nothing happens. Some other days, I can do enough for a week, and that was how Friday went. I cleaned and I took 2 bags to charity and I planned business things, went on my walk, cooked, and cleaned some more.

I sat on the porch (in my hammock) while the sun went down. There were no mosquitos, so I enjoyed staying on the porch knitting until the sky was truly dark.

For me, the most precious place in summer is my porch. Loved that.

April Turned Around: Gratitude

I was just looking through my April photos. Three weeks ago we got pounded with some serious snow. Today it is really spring.

Yesterday/Saturday, it rained so much that you could not see to drive. There were rain advisories warning of wind gusts up to 75mph (120.7 kph).

But today, the grape hyacinths are all blooming where Friday there was not a single bloom. And the wind has calmed down. It’s not as hot as Friday, but it’s still spring, and I am enjoying it.

Polymer Clay A-Rama!

Saturday daytime, I taught a Polymer Clay Canemaking class at Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan. I forgot my camera, but we had much fun and made things related to the first photo here.

Music, Music, Music

Saturday night was all about music, with friends performing Swing Jazz at Altu’s restaurant. After that, we went to a 60th birthday party. One room was music, the other room was chat and knitting. My kind of event!


Sunday (today) we will spend time with Brian’s family. It’s a bit of a drive, so I am going out for a bit of a walk before we get in that car.

Yes, I think I like spring weekend mix better than spring salad mix. I hope you have a good one, too.

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