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It is Really Spring

Friday: Hot and windy.
Saturday: Very windy, buckets of rain
Sunday: Cooler and some rain
Monday and Tuesday: Wear coat but no need to button

It’s really spring:


I took a walk around noon on Sunday, and saw these birds enjoying the weather and their new nest. Then I walked a short distance and saw such green leaves on the trees (there were no leaves here to notice on Thursday), that I wanted to take a photo for you.


This was the first click of the camera, pointing toward my house from another block. I could hear kids playing. Zoom in on this photo:


The kid in the next yard was bouncing on a trampoline and I caught him in mid-air. Of course, I tried to do it again, and had no luck. Love this shot.

A few steps away, I took this photo:


This was the first day I had seen any trees blossoming. There were no leaves or blossoms on Friday morning, but by Sunday it was like someone changed the channel and everything was alive and growing. Incredible. Brian says on Saturday our Rhubarb plants grew several inches between when he left for work and when he got home.


Here is a final photo. We have myrtle/periwinkle groundcover on every side of the house and one side of the garage. It blooms a little each year but never much, with a few flowers here and there. this year it is going crazy!!!

We are infrequent gardeners, for the most part, so we plant things that can thrive without much attention. We have myrtle and peonies, daylilies, coral bells and hostas, and climbing roses which came with the house. Actually, the hostas and coral bells are the only things we brought in new since Brian bought the house. We have a few new small bushes, too, which do fine without us.

The area in this last photo was dirt and nothing else about 5 years ago after we had our porch replaced. There are hosta plants in that patch which have not peeked up yet, and the myrtle seems to finally be part of the whole this year. Just look at those flowers!!!

Thank goodness. We survived the meanest winter in recent memory. Deep sigh…

2 Responses to “It is Really Spring”

  1. Elysbeth Says:

    Love the myrtle, I wish it would grow up here.

  2. momtroll Says:

    How good it is to see growing and flowering “spring”. The deer were really hungry here this winter. They ate the evergreen shrubs out of the front garden and the broad leafed evergreen next to the house. They are in the process of eating the hosta. Some tulilps are showing and so are some daffodils. Oh, yes, the dandelions are smililng at me. They are so happy! I must say I am happy to see some of them. I do enjoy them in soup and other cooked goodies.

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