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Belated Birthday Photos


isabelwithcupcake25.jpgI have been sitting on some fun photos I took two weeks ago at my little friend Isabel’s 5th birthday party. There were two small people and many grownups, and many cupcakes. Much fun!

Here are some photos of Isabel and her cake which looked like the number “5.” Remember, food can be art, and perhaps it is never more true than with decorated cakes.

There were several cupcakes that the kids decorated isabelponderingcake20.jpg(with assistance from mommies). Then there was the bigger cake. Isabel’s mommy, April, loves to decorate cakes. She did the frosting part but had Isabel help her put the colored sugar sprinkles on it.

I got a photo of Isabel with her small friend, eating cupcakes (they did have dinner first). Isabel is welcoming spring twofriendswithcake25.jpgby wearing her bathing suit for a few hours each day, and she decided to do that part way through her party. She sure is a fun one!


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