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KnitDad was Right!

Well, Larry/KnitDad wrote me Tuesday morning asking whether my part of Michigan was the part predicted to have 20 inches of snow today. I had just checked the National Weather Service webpage at 10pm Monday night and it sounded like if we got the maximum predicted snow over the next day and a half, it would be 8-9 inches, if we got the least it would be merely 3 inches. I was optimistic, and therefore his 20 inches sounded impossible.

Guess what? Larry was right. I think we can say we have 12 inches right now and it’s not done snowing. I cancelled both my appointments, it was coming down enough that it seemed unwise to travel if it was not necessary. By the time I went outside at 6:45pm to shovel the drive (so Brian could park when he got home), it was literally 12 inches in spots. Unbelievable. I had seen the snow come down as I sat at my computer, but on the tree it didn’t look that bad (I can see up from my window but not down).

Emily had called about her ColorJoy Stole (she’s a teacher so had a snow day and was expecting to finish her stole while home). She said she put out food for the squirrels and they were nowhere to be found… and that is a sure sign that things are going to be rough. Squirrels don’t hybernate all winter but they sort of half-hybernate when it’s too nasty to find food. They were sleeping away today!

Brian got stuck in the driveway because I hadn’t finished clearing the mouth of the drive by the time he got home. I was outside a full hour and had just done maybe half of the shoveling needed (we have a small lot but we’re on a corner so there is a lot of sidewalk to shovel). I told Brian, “Tag, you’re it!” so he finished shoveling and I went in to make us tea and dinner.

Just check out our poor flamingos. They have more snow on them than their own volume! And my poor car looks like one large snowdrift out there in the dark. Whew! I’m not looking forward to my 12:30 class Wednesday. It’s supposed to snow until 6am, according to Tony. My students are mostly retirees, and they typically do not like to drive in the snow. Maybe I can reschedule for Friday if it is really bad. I can’t reschedule for next week, because I have a new class starting then.

I don’t know why we get so surprised when this stuff happens. We are in Michigan, for goodness’ sake! We will have at least one big storm each winter. Only one, if we are lucky. Sigh…

I did knit about six rows on my stole while avoiding snow. I also tried to prepare for a dyeing session but I can not find my niddy-noddy (a gizmo to wind yarn into hanks in preparation for dyeing). I looked all over! It was in a box when I put things away to have company. I remember seeing it in that box. But I swear I know where all the boxes are, and yet I can not find my niddy-noddy. Good thing I made it, out of PVC pipe, so it’s not a costly loss (and it will show up as soon as I get a new one). I have some more pipe but not fittings so I need to find my way to a hardware soon if I can not find my first one. How odd. I thought the house was relatively orderly for once, but apparently it’s more like “all dressed up with a dirty neck.” Looking good… but not quite right upon inspection. Drat!

2 Responses to “KnitDad was Right!”

  1. Ed Says:

    We were looking the same her in G.R… My car is still burried! Ok…enough of this already!

  2. Mom Says:

    The photos of the snow look so nice and clean and soft and beautiful! I will let you enjoy that part of it for me. Minnesota is really cold, too. Saturday is the last day of January, so winter is moving along. Think BEAUTIFUL, it will help.

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