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Spring is Fully Sprung!

twoducksoldtown.jpgIt is incredible to see the changes in the plants here between a week ago and today. Last week we had trees where they were starting to have tiny leaves. Now, more trees than not are so full you can not see through them. The leaves are thick and green, and healthy.

I walked with friend Cynthia a week ago in Old Town. One block from Grand River and Washington, a step and a half from the curb, was a duck just resting, curled up with her head under part of a wing.

She had one eye peering at us making sure we were not a threat, but she never moved at all. Her partner can be seen in the background, and he was not any more worried about us than she was.

woldumarlogcabinmay09-25.jpgMind you, we were chatting in our typical animated way as we walked. This duck was not threatened. It is so odd to see wildlife not scared by loud humans! They are truly city ducks, I figure.

On Mother’s Day, I met my own Mom at Woldumar Nature Center. Brian was performing with the Scarlet Runner String Band, and it turned out a number of folks we knew were also performing. First I have a photo of the log cabin on the property.

lacloggersb25.jpgThen I show Trina (front) and her friend from LA Cloggers. Trina used to practice and teach at Foster Community Center, when I also worked in the building. It is fun to run into her, from time to time, at events like this.

Finally, I show a photo of our dear friend Art Cameron. Notice the little girl peeking out through the doorway. She enjoyed his set.


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