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Buildings can be art…

The premise of my ColorJoy blog, for those who may be new here, is this: Art can be found almost anywhere, if one looks.

We need not frame a flat object and put it on the wall, for something to be art. You may disagree with my specific examples, but I hope that my premise might open up the concept that perhaps art is more accessible than this society typically believes.

Gardens, good food, comfy/happy gatherings, costuming (either for stage or just as choices we make getting dressed), music, dance, poetry, other writing, even raising a child, are all creative acts that I propose might be called art in one way or another. Or so I propose.

In our society, we like to make the concept of “Art” so big and unattainable, that we limit our minds and our own expression. This concept held me back, personally. I did not call myself “artist” until I was 32 years old, mostly because I do not draw or paint (I have typically worked in 3 dimensions, or in performance). It makes me sad that the idea might still be holding back others.


I could spend a week writing about that idea. However, what I want to show you today, would be two photos of a wonderful old building. It is in the East Town area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We visited Grand Rapids on Mother’s Day and stopped in East Town on the way back home.

This building, Brian tells me, was once used by the Zondervan Publishing company. Right now it appears to be something else, but there is merely a small sign by a side door and something I could not read on the face of the clock.


We walked around this building, which takes up much of a city block. Somehow the original cornerstone with the date on it, is no longer visible from the street.

I wish I knew exactly when it was built. I’m guessing early in the 1900s, given the style… depending on whether it was cutting edge or current style when it was built.

Isn’t the building lovely? Yes, buildings can be art. This building sure does perk up the streets upon which it sits.

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