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I’m in Greater Lansing Woman Magazine!

Thanks to the wonderful Anne Erickson of Gannett papers, you can find an article about me (and this ColorJoy blog) in the June issue of Greater Lansing Woman. The issue came out yesterday.

I am just delighted with the way Anne distilled a 45-minute phone interview into a concise article. It really does reflect who I am… all the best bits, I must admit, but she got a good sense of what I expressed to her in our chat.

Anne has been an incredible support already, to The Fabulous Heftones and the music events at Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine (for which I do the publicity). She writes a column on local music in the Thursday “What’s On” section of the Lansing State Journal, and has highlighted Altus’ performers more regularly than I might have expected. We have never met in person, yet. (Soon, I hope?)

I have really appreciated Anne’s enthusiasm and work in the local music realm many times. Now she has done a great job writing about my artwork and knitting career. I am deeply appreciative.

The photographer (Becky Shink) did a great job, too… with a photo of me on my purple porch steps, in front of our purple front door, wearing my most colorful legwarmers (the ones I knit for Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiberfest, see above). She also took a closeup of a pile of the most colorful socks I’ve knit, very fun.

In any case, I am delighted with this honor. Anne makes me sound interesting, and what else could I want? I never imagined I’d be in the magazine, so that is quite enough, I’d say. Thanks, Anne!

(The photo here is one Brian took of me wearing the same legwarmers… in front of another purple door in our house. If you are interested, click to see the online version of the article, for both text and the actual photos that go with the real article.)

11 Responses to “I’m in Greater Lansing Woman Magazine!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations, Lynnie! Woo hoo!!!!!

  2. vicki Says:

    Wow! Congratulations! That is fantastic!

  3. Howlin' Hobbit Says:

    But Lynn, you *are* one of the greater Lansing women. I’m nearly 2000 miles away — hmmmm… hold on a sec — 1853 miles away and even I know that.

    Congrats on being recognized as such!

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Congratulations! Great article and photos. The recognition is well deserved.

  5. Janet Says:

    What a great article Lynn. Congratulations! The photos are very you too!

  6. Jan Says:

    Wow, she didn’t have to work hard to make you interesting…YOU ARE, but what a great article it was…and I LOVE the photo!

    Just another reason to tell my hubby that I need a new laptop. I have to keep abreast of all my famous friends!

    Good job!

  7. Paz Says:

    Awesome! Congrats on the article. Love the leg warmers.

    Paz xoxo

  8. Grace Says:

    Hi Lynn. You don’t know me, but I’ve seen you perform at Altu’s and have seen you at ThreadBear. You have always looked like a very interesting person and I was pleasantly surprised to see you featured in GLWoman. Now I KNOW you are an interesting person! I have enjoyed reading your blog and find it inspiring in terms of noting creativity in everything we do and all that surrounds us.

  9. Diana Troldahl Says:

    Congratulations, it is much deserved :-}

  10. momtroll Says:

    I do have to say there is nothing like being a proud mommy.

  11. Maria Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I actually just stumbled across this article on a break at work and discovered your blog (and you) for the first time after reading it. I was initially intrigued because I really connect with your vision of creativity as a sort of lifestyle.

    Anyways, I just thought I’d say hi, let you know that I will continue to follow your blog, and that I’m glad GLWoman decided to publish that article!


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