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resflamm300sqknit.jpgCan I Get it Together?

I have too much to do, and posting here makes me feel a bit guilty. My to-do list today has 10 things on it and some will take days to accomplish. Ack!

Good Distractions, Anyway

We are truly into the summer celebration season. I’ve skipped some I would have very much enjoyed. I went to the ones that seemed essential: one graduation, one music party, one wedding, one 50th anniversary celebration. In just over a week.

No wonder I am not home as much. And when I sleep I pass out… waking up is really difficult. I don’t drink alcohol at the parties (I’m boring that way), and I am not eating foods I should not eat. I still am really tired after social days. This is what I call a “High-Class Problem.”

Job #1, Teaching Knitters

Work is wonderful, when I have people to teach. Warm weather brings good gardening, and in Lansing that means fewer knitters for a while. I am grateful for spring students. Thank every one of you for signing up when gardening or sitting outside might be more enjoyable (at least on some level).

Friday I taught needlefelting at Threadbear. Tomorrow I teach Polymer Clay Free-for-All at Rae’s. I have a non-knitter in the class tomorrow. I wonder which direction we will head in that class? It should be fun.

Job #2, Singing with Brian

Brian and I (The Fabulous Heftones) are doing a number of private musical performances lately, so that is keeping me away from my desk as well. It is SO much fun!resflammegarnblueberry600.jpg

In my Knitting Bag

Knitting? I’m swatching in this yarn. It’s Resonance Flammegarn (a very soft standard sockyarn with 75% wool and 25% nylon), which I dyed myself. I knit it on large (4US) needles and put it in washer/dryer which made a soft, flowy fabric. We will see if my dreaming happens to become something lovely. It is lovely in my mind’s eye, anyway.

I also am reworking two old sock patterns of mine. I’m lucky in that Brian drives when we head out of town. I’ve had four hours of knitting in the car in the last two days, and at least during those times I am getting some stitching accomplished.

Back to work… have a great weekend!

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