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Late CityKidz Pictures

I haven’t spoken of last Thursday’s CityKidz Knit! program. I started with a lot of kids in my room, doing both computers and knitting. It was a handful to keep track of what was going on. However, then most of the kids left and I had only four remaining, all kids who come very often and who are easy to work with.

One of the girls missed the holiday vacation session where we worked with the shrunken sweaters donated by Ann M. in Wyoming. That particular girl really loves backpacks and bags, and she knew she wanted to make a bag from one of the sweaters. Well, once my crowd was down to four focused kids, I got out the sweaters and let them go to town.

Three girls decided to use the ends of the sweater sleeves as mittens. They put their hands in the sleeve with the seam at the thumb, and then they cut around their hands with a bit of a margin for wiggle room. I helped them make sure they got their thumbs cut in a way that would not rip but would move fairly well. Then they did a whipstitch with some sockyarns I brought in, to seam the mittens. The one girl who wanted to make a bag got going a little slowly, but by the end of the day she had begged her mother to stay until 6pm when I leave, and she had the bottom of the bag sewn shut. I sent her home with some acrylic yarn in the same color as the wool sweater, so that she could braid herself some straps. In fact, we started braiding before she left, so she would get the hang of it. We used three strands of yarn as if it were one, so there were 9 strands of yarn in the braid. With that type of yarn, this will be a strong strap without the long process of knitting straps. She promised to bring it back to me next week, so that we can finish with a button and loop closure and any other things she needs to do.

The girl who is second from left is a 12-year old visitor to the USA for two months. She is going back to Korea on February 27. She is visiting an aunt here for a while, and so her aunt got her enrolled in our program to keep her interested while visiting. She already knew how to knit, and has done very well despite the fact that she knows only a handful of words in English. I show her things and she copies very well, and when she wants more advanced things, I tend to draw her a picture, which seems to work. Right now she is making a hat for herself in garter stitch. She is making three panels which decrease at the top, and we will sew them together when she is done. I think this is going to work out OK, though I’ve never had a child do a hat this way before. It was just my desperation, trying to figure out how to help her make what she wants to make, without having language to assist in the teaching.

She was very pleased with her mittens on Thursday. She wore them home! I could tell she was excited by the way she showed her aunt what she had done, when it was time to go.

Have I said how much I love teaching these kids? There is nothing like it. Just look at them with their excellent projects!!!

2 Responses to “Late CityKidz Pictures”

  1. Cyndy Says:

    Do you need donations for your kids? Yarn, books, needles…tell me what they like.

  2. James Says:

    They look like they are having fun with what they learned. One day I would like to teach a class to either the senior center or our FOR KIDS homeless shelter. I’d have to see what kind of interest there would be in it, if there was any. When I have more time to persue it I’m going to look into it. I think it would be rewarding.

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