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Look what Brian Found!

Fridays, often Brian and I both do not work during the day. Today we worked on some tidying up of the basement (ugh). He went outside for something and came back in having found this (and arranged it for the kitchen table):


This is the first day of blossoms from our climbing roses, originally planted circa 1920-25. They are a pain for 11 months of the year, but we get about 4 weeks of glorious notice-on-the-next-block color. And that is all they need to do, to convince us that they can stay in our yard one more year.

Dinnertime, we are singing for a Fathers’ Day weekend event at a nursing home north of town. We have worked with this organization before, and it is sure to be a great time. They will have a barbecue and we will create a fun atmosphere.

I hope you have some sense of summer in your day today. (Australian readers, take heart… at least you can look at the roses while waiting for your own turn. And make summer in your heart, until then.)

2 Responses to “Look what Brian Found!”

  1. Rae's Aunt Pat Says:

    Thanks for showing everyone that beautiful bouquet. We have some pain-in-the-xxxx roses, too! They bloom a little later in June, so we are still waiting. Ken is still in the hospital after surgery last Tuesday. Things are not going too well but we are hopeful time will heal. I feel like I’ve been here for two months straight. Love your blog! Pat

  2. Jack Frost Says:

    Dear Lynn
    The flowers are pretty