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(Photos were taken several weeks ago in my neighborhood. Pure Spring Beauty. Yesterday the daylilies bloomed for the first time, and the “snowball bush” was full of white blossoms. The climbing roses started blooming Friday. In just a few weeks we have gone from glorious spring to hot summer. I am thrilled.)


I wished for “true, pure Summer” in this blog on June 17. I got it Saturday. It has been warm enough to wear my beloved African caftans. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and now Tuesday, I wake up anticipating the choice of wonderful, colorful African clothing and iced tea.

Some days the heat is more difficult than others. On Saturday, we danced in Dearborn for a festival, and the heat made our polyester stretch costumes rather uncomfortable. Sunday, I drove to Grand Rapids to visit my Father in Law for Father’s Day, and since my car does not do well with the Air Conditioning running, it was a little warm in that car.


But Monday I spent time with friends sitting outdoors, knitting, chatting and drinking iced tea. At twilight, Brian and I took a walk through the neighborhoods surrounding our home. Today (Tuesday) I expect to take another walk (alone, though usually I walk with friend Cynthia on Tuesdays). I hope I will be able to work from my porch/hammock for a while in the afternoon, before I go to Rae’s to teach my 6pm class on Scribble Lace.


I feel sorry for the guys who are filling in the potholes on my street. That is hot work, and here it is noonish and 87.8F (31C) in my back yard. I like the heat, in the shade, on my hammock. Those guys do not experience this weather as happily as I do, I expect.

Yesterday as I drove past them (slowly), I rolled down my window and shouted “You guys rock!” They liked it, and shouted back. Driving down my street for the last many months, was something like playing a difficult video game, with no clear path to safety. You could hurt your car hitting the wrong hole. I wanted the guys fixing it to have at least a tiny bit of happy in their own too-warm-for-construction-work summer day.

neighborspring1.jpgI have zillions of photos still on my two cameras, and a to-do list that is unstoppable. There are things I can only do at home, and I need to get back to those.

I hope you have a good day, yourself. To my friends in torrential-rain areas, please keep safe and do what you can to keep yourself in as good a mood as you can. I hear that somewhere not far from here got seven inches (17.78cm) of rain! Let us hope the flooding does not hit too many homes and businesses.

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