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Two Performances Today (Wednesday)

fabheftonesbarndoor.jpgBrian and I (The Fabulous Heftones) are excited to perform for two neighborly events today, both in Greater Lansing, Michigan.

At 4:00pm to approximately 5:30, we will sing at Allen Street Farm Market on the near East Side of Lansing. This is on Kalamazoo between Allen Street (across from the old school) and Shepard.

I drive past this building any day I work at Rae’s, it’s in the neighborhood between where I live and where I work. It is important to me, to be part of our community. Never mind, that it is a really fun crowd!

They have good, fresh, locally-grown produce and baked goods here. It is a wonderful spot, and today they have their Strawberry Festival!!! Woohoo! I am looking forward to this occasion.

At 7:00pm to approximately 7:45, we will sing at Meridian Historical Village, at Marsh Road and Central Park Drive, behind the Meridian Mall in Okemos. We open for Scarlet Runner Stringband (Brian is in both bands tonight).

I grew up in pre-mall Okemos, we moved there in 1962. I remember several of these buildings from when they stood in their original locations. It is always a pleasure to return to my “old stomping grounds,” as Brian would say. There are a lot of my mother’s friends who will be there tonight, and that will be fun.

If you are local and can make it work, please consider joining us. (If you go to Meridian, bring a chair and some bug spray, and you will be all set.) We would love to see you!

(Photo is us performing at Meridian Historical Village last year for the 4th of July event.)

One Response to “Two Performances Today (Wednesday)”

  1. Lorie Says:

    I don’t comment nearly enough to let you know how much I appreciate your blog!
    I used to live in Lansing and East Lansing, and you make me feel as though I’m there again, if only for a few minutes a day!
    The pictures are as lovely as always, and I enjoy your perspectives on life.
    Keep up the colorful life work!

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