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Sad (not Bad)

I didn’t post anything when the news was fresh, but leaving this unmentioned would be a bit dishonest with you, my readers. Belated is no less authentic…

Drat. Michael Jackson is gone. You might say he was the Elvis of my generation. I’m 50, he was 50, both born in 1958. The tail end of the baby boom kids, we were. I do not tend to be fanatic about celebrities, but as a dancer/musician/singer myself, I never ceased to be amazed.

Brilliant creative person. Singer/performer. Dancer/choreographer. Composer. Brilliant.

And clearly unhappy. I’m so sad for him. He gave many of us joy and pleasure, and how much of that was he able to feel for himself?

I’ve been sad for him a long while, for his obvious unhappiness. Now I’m sad for the loss, another brilliant creative person who has burned out far too early.

One day I was driving in an unfamilar city, and a radio station played 123, a very early, Jackson-5 recording. I had never heard it on good speakers before, as I had a little portable record player/radio with one speaker, when that came out.

I was just astounded at the quality and overall focus of the musical arrangement and performance. It did not show off just Michael, but it showed off the quality that continued to be the hallmark of his work.

MySpace has a page where you can listen to that number (and a few others from that era, including Ben, Got to be There, Rockin’ Robin and Never Can Say Goodbye), right here:

MySpace Page with Michael Jackson Early Recordings

Michael, may you rest in peace.

2 Responses to “Sad (not Bad)”

  1. aspen Says:

    Beautiful tribute, Lynn. I agree that despite his fame & fortune he never seemed to find happiness. The world is a little less bright now that he is gone.

  2. Diana Troldahl Says:

    I loved every single song on his album “Off the Wall”
    Oscar and I celebrated his life by singing and playing some of his music yesterday.

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