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Offline for a While

What a busy summer I am having! Five out of six weekends in a row I’m out of town for a night or more, sometimes with Brian and sometimes alone.


This weekend, more sleeping in a tent. They expect scattered showers. I hope that means no floods in the tent. I don’t like being wet, I don’t like being splashed at all. Very hot baths I like, lukewarm-to-cold showers are not my cup o’tea.

But this weekend I play music with Brian and meet up with friends we sometimes only see once a year. I will do my best to turn off the three-year-old-whining child inside of me, and have a grown up lovely time. We will see how I do!

Meanwhile, if I do not update as often as normal until mid-August, you will know that I’m fine, but just away from the keyboard (AFK) again. All is well.

(The photo? My bags on the table as I was packing, preparing to schlep music and yarn and clothing north. My normal, everyday stuff. Clearly I’m not one who thinks I should limit the number of handknit things I wear on one day. After all, I knit things I can’t get by purchasing them in the store! I think this shot should be called “Still life with Turquoise Yarn.”

2 Responses to “Offline for a While”

  1. Karen Says:

    Keep dry and have fun! (Love the word “schlep”–sounds exactly like what it means!)

  2. Jan Says:

    I’m with you on the not being splashed. When I was teaching, I took my kids to the city pool. We lived in the same community that I taught and all the kids jumped in the pool when they saw me do the same.

    I walked to the middle of the pool, surrounded with the little darlings. I hate being splashed and I kept warning the kids, “DO NOT get me wet!”

    One of my favorites touched my arm and motioned for me to let him whisper in my ear.

    “Mrs. M,” he said, “You are in a swimming pool.”


    Have fun sleeping in the tent!

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