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Knitting Guild (MMKG)

Tonight I went to MMKG, the Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild. What a great group of people we have.

Tracy A/Sweatergirl was wearing a sweater she had started years ago and set aside because it was too large. However, she’s now expecting a baby and so she picked up the sweater again, and it fits her wonderfully. What a nice ending to that story!

She also brought several sweaters she had knit for her baby. There were several really cute ones, but the one pictured here just won my heart. Isn’t it pure ColorJoy, in every sense? I do adore cables, but I don’t like knitting them. Tracy loves knitting them (often from yarn she spun herself). This multicolored cabled baby sweater is just as good as it gets, I think! Color *and* cables. Lucky baby.

Other online folks there tonight were Sharon P of KnitKnacks (who showed off her very lovely stole/wide scarf that she made in my class… I had not seen it in person yet), and Sarah Peasley/Handknitter was showing off her beautiful new red Bed and Breakfast sweater.. Did I miss anybody??? I hope not. I was sort of preoccupied (as usual, this time the excuse was that I was doing the main presentation/program). (Oh… Luann was there, she doesn’t have her own online presence but she reads my blog and has volunteered many, many times for my CityKidz Knit! program. And Teresa, also a reader but not a blogger, was there working on a charity project.)

Tonight the program was a short overview of some of the knitting software programs on the market. We had little time and lots to cover, but we talked about Sweater Wizard, Knitware Sweater Design, Sole Solutions, Sock Wizard, Stitch Painter Gold, and Magic Formula Calculator. Sharon P. kindly agreed to put together the handouts for me and then I agreed to do the actual presentation. I really enjoy doing things like this, so it worked out fine. Sharon’s handouts are just great, she fit a lot into a small space because she was very organized. She also made two pages of links and resources. I bow to you, Sharon!

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  1. Sharon Says:

    Bowing back to you, Lynn. We made a good team. It was fun to work with you on the program.

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